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Endo results advice - what questions should I be asking?

Blood test results flag up positive for ana, ena and ro antibodies . I've been told I have a definite auto immune disease and I will be referred to specialist rheumatologist. Amazingly, I've been offered an NHS appointment tomorrow to discuss my results. As I have many symptoms and under specialists elsewhere trying to diagnose me, what questions should I ask in the consultation? Does anyone have useful advice for me how to get my head around!!

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25clai, I'm sorry you've had no replies. ANA, ENA, and RO antibodies are not thyroid antibodies which may be why no-one has been able to help. Hopefully your NHS consultation tomorrow will explain the results and probable treatment options.

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Thanks for your reply. I will re post to general communities . It least I know it's not thyroid!


Hi, I have ana antibodies and, but don't quote me cus I'm not sure, anti ro antibodies. Consistent with Lupus.

If lupus is the meat on a hyperthetical dinner plate then there are other autoimmune diseases that tend to go with it (like accompanying veg), such as fibromyalgia, Sjögren's syndrome, APS.

When you have a diagnosis try the lupus uk community on health unlocked.

Good luck.


Many thanks for your insight. The endo mentioned a possibility of Lupus and open minded about other possibilities . I've now been referred to a rheumatoid immunologist. I will have a look at Lupus community in meantime. Sounds like the Endo is saying the same as you! Best - Claire


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