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Referral to private Endo

I have been to 2 NHS Endos..referred by GP. I have asked to be referred to a private Endo and he said he must check her out before he decides. If he decides against can I insist? I am so disappointed as I didn,t get anywhere with NHS!!!

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HI Linda,

I have never heard of this. Who are you trying to see? Can you see another GP in the practice?If it is Dr. B refer him to her latest published article in the BMJ in November.Who ever it is, I would get the details published on the WEB site off the private hospital where she has a clinic and take them to GP.Also say that if they are a member of the Royal college of Endo`s what is the objection and should you contact them? Hopefully he will love that!!! I used to have to insist for private referrals as They never seem to argue then! Also ask for his explanation of why not! Actually I would also emphasise how ill and desperate you are for the correct treatment and ask why he referred you to some one in the first place?I did have a very bad GP, so I learnt to be dogmatic with them, it does not come naturally!

Best wishes,



Dr B is great.. I am alive.. I am happy.. I am working. I am bouncy.... cos Doctor B told my GP how to handle my case

Pay.. just pay... because Dr B will charge you consultation and blood test fees and then write to your GP with a three stage plan

so mine said....

Stage 1 - 6weeks

1) go on a low GI diet - you are using food to boost your energy and that's why the dips are so bad

2) give up wheat, you are clearly a bit intolerant

3) GP - please up her T4 to 100 for 6 weeks

Stage 2 - if patient feels ok - just carry on if patient doesn't feel ok

4) take T4 down to 75, add 20 T3 (10 moring 10 night) for 6 weeks

Stage 3 if patient feels ok - just carry on, if patient doesn't feel ok

5) stop T4 and T3, go to Armour - refer back to me for tests and dosage

So that would have cost me something like £500 for the tests and the consultation. Worth every penny...

If they won't refer you.. pay yourself.


Who and where us dr b please? X


sorry to hijack but can I ask who dr B is? Would she consider treatment of borderline hypo? thanks


Hi Jasper

Drop Jackie a message - she has info about this endo...




Hi call up the private endos secretary and ask if you can be seen without a referral, most say yes. Will stop your GP from being so controlling. Why does he want to check her out does he have a thyroid issue lol. Good luck


Richard that's interesting dent know it could be done! X


Tried that, but must have referral. Thanks



Hi I see 16 private consultants, they always need a referral, GMC, Also you want the GP to cooperate.

Best wishes,



Technically, if you’re going to a private doctor, you can just turn up with your money. You don’t actually need a referral. However, as a matter of good practice, they do prefer to have a referral, for the simple reason that it means you have discussed this with your GP, your GP is on side and you are not a complete nutter!

Dr B sounds wonderful, but I wouldn’t bank on her helping if you are ‘borderline’. She is certainly not interested in seeing me with my ‘raised but within range’ TSH but low FT4 and FT3 and seems content to accept that the CFS diagnosis I have is right.



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