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Bad heart palps


Does anyone feel very unwell when having missed beats. Its during these episodes that i feel terrible, sometimes with upper back pain and a general unwell feeling.

My TSH is 99.35 so i expect to feel rubbish but the palps have been present when my thyroid levels have been in range.

Thanks Christine

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I wish i could offer some advice but i do understand how you feel, i suffer with them a lot and have been in and out of hospital numerous times (which was a waste of time)

I did pay privately and saw a good electrophysiologist in Leeds, had tests done and he basically put my mind at rest and gave me the lowest dose of Beta blocker.

He told me to take it when it got bad stay on it for about 5 days and then come off it no need to wean off and it helped a lot.

They are awful to have and can take over your life at times, i still panic even now when i get them but i do try to relax (have taken up yoga so lets see if that helps)

Like you i get them even when my thyroid levels and everything else is okay.

I do wonder though if it can run in families my mother suffered with this also.

I wish you well and hope you get sorted.

Dotti x


Thanks Dotti,

I know my mother had missed beats and that side of the family hd heart problems, im hoping mine is due to thyroid but irs still scary when it happens.


Christine, There's no history on your profile but assume you've been taking levothyroxine although why your TSH is nearly 100 it seems as you are not taking any thyroid hormone replacements?.

I had similar to your because I was undiagnosed -slow pulse and severe palps, (intermittently).

It's due, I assume, because you've got minimal thyroid hormones in your body, not taking any or your not converting.

Our heart suffers due to the lack of thyroid hormones and it cannot pump blood effectively.

On levothyroxine and with TSH coming into range, I still felt awful and severe palpitations, receded somewhat on T3 being added but none now on T3 only.


Hi Sgaws,

Im taking Levo, tsh has fone from 6 to 99 in a matter of a few weeks, T4 in normal range and when TSH was 6 T3 was over the upper end of the range.

Endo was not concerned, i was so im going to see provate endo tomorrow.



I hope your consultation goes well - we've lost faith in getting proper treatment for hypothyroidism for those who don't recover on levo only.


Yorks, I still get palpitations and missed beats at times even though I'm optimally medicated. They generally only last a few minutes but can make me feel breathless and dizzy and they usually pass when I sit down and breath deeply.


Hi Clutter,

I think missed beats have been bad this time due to strange blood results and somethig is not quite right.

I am hoping new endo will have some ideaas.



Hi Yorkshire girl,

I am getting palps, arrhythmia, missing, wobbly heart beats, most of the time now - day and night.

Had an ECG recently and was having a bad episode at the time. Result of ECG was - Normal!!! I don't know why they waste their time and yours doing these useless tests that only show something wrong when over 60%

Every trip to the A & E has been more than traumatic, so I'd rather stay home and suffer: feel dreadful for days..

I also get a pain under right shoulder blade, and left arm, but every NHS test says Normal.

My NDT is nearly at the right dose, so I can't blame that, but I certainly don't feel good or normal yet. I too feel very unwell.


Its horrible and scary and i agree that some of the tests dont show exactly whats going on. Have you had a heart scan, iv a referral for one but no date as yet.

I used to describe this unwell feeling as being posioned as thats how i feel and im sure its related to these missed beats and flutters.



ndt made me terribly sick. Do you have hashimotos? How do you know that your dose is adequate?


Thanks for your reply Faith. I don't have hashi. I was seeing a private doc. (from Louise's list,) but due to him insisting I took the NDT before testing I was on a roller coaster most of last year, and my tachycardia episodes turned into constant arrhythmia. I'm trying to do it on my own now- slowly; Blue Horizon test last week showed FT3 and FT4 in range but low. So I have just upped NDT dose, which was confirmed with a muscle test. (hopefully)

Which NDT made you sick? I'm taking Erfa; maybe I'll change to one with no fillers. What did you change to?



erfa and armour..it flared up my hashimotos symptoms. Why are you low thyroid?

it has all been a nightmare.


I was going by my symptoms - low body temp. c.f.s, constipation, dry skin, psoriasis, hair coming out,etc.. but also had osteoporosis and tachycardia.

Looking back to 2010 I found a private blood test result - T3 *3.9 [Range 4.0 - 6.8]

GP not interested; said if I gave you Thyroid meds. I'd give you tachy and osteoporosis!!! I had to remind her I already had these two for 10 years or more.

So I asked a private doc. and he prescribed Erfa; then advised me badly on testing and doses, insisting I took my dose before the test - so test was skewed and he dosed accordingly, while I suffered.

He has left now and I'm slowly raising dose myself, with HU's wonderful help, Dr Rind's temp charts and testing.

[Anti-bodies so far have been under range, and tachycardia has now changed to arrhythmia.]

Yes, it is a complete nightmare and I would love to rejoin the outside world again.

I am considering changing to another Brand and buying off the internet so I don't have to pay for a private prescription that only lasts a month.

What are you taking now?.



i am on t3 only, not well because my autoimmune disease causes inflammation and other issues.

My friend had arrhythmia, that eventually straightened it self out, with increased doses of thyroid meds and beta blockers at low doses. It went on for moths. Her free's were both at the bottom of the range, doctors said it was not due to low thyroid!!! Psoriasis, is another autoimmune disease, not hypo or hashi's, so looks like your immune system has targeted your skin.

I would consider reading isabella wentz website for getting rid of hashi's and healing your immune system. I am doing this, hoping to get off the thyroid meds someday.


Hi Faith, I am sorry you are still feeling unwell. It is rotten living in hormone hell.

I am hoping my arrhythmia will reduce or go away, when I get to my optimal thyroid dose.

I was taking beta blockers when I had lots of tachycardia for years, but I've weaned myself off them, taking a year, and now only take occasionally. Tachy seems to have changed to arrhythmia - I don't know which is worse!

I get Isabella Wentz's emails but am reluctant to but yet another book. Already have hundreds of 'health' books.

I bought an ebook on Healing the immune System, but can't locate it on my computer...duhh!

Good luck with your search for wellness.



i didn't buy the book, but used the advise in my emails. I found, through testing that indeed i do have leaky gut and am missing digestive enzymes, good bacteria and have food sensitivities..i hope you will try and get rid of your hashis.

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Hi again

I did a reply then lost it. - now trying to remember what i said... but too tired to think...

Anyhow, i can't cope with more hospital appointments; i find them too traumatic as I go into hyper stress, adrenaline, panic modes.

Are you having a CT scan or an ultrasound? I would be interested in knowing what they show. I was wondering whether to get a 'calcium in the artery wall test'.

Having CFS (Myhill's mitochondrial disfunction test) I wonder if it's mito's in the heart not working properly.

I recently had a private HRV (heart Rate Variability) test which showed my heart was 18% stressed but the supps I had to buy for 4 months, made no difference and were very expensive. In fact, arrhthymias have got worse since then.

I feel as if nothing is running smoothly inside - like I'm using the wrong petrol.

GP says i'm too sensitive!!! But when your 'engine' is lumpy and bumpy all day, it's difficult not to be aware of it.

It's scary and very limiting.




Yes ultrasound on heart. Iv a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibro and everything seems to be put down to thesse.

Just had mri on thighs due to weakness which neuro ordered. Im sure neuro mentioned mitochondrial and said maybe i would need a biopsy.

I can understand how you feel when having hospital appointments. A few weeks ago i could not face another appointment or test. i cant tolerate the lame comments made by staff and i cant face another report letter which sends me into a state of anxiety.

My esr is often raaised and i did wonder about inflammation of heart muscles hense the scan not becuse they thiink anything is wrong.

The jouney continues and tomorrow i have an appointment with a private endo in the hope that he can put the pieces of this puzzle together.

Keep in touch if you will,


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