Graves and palps

does anyone here who has Graves have heart palpitations without the racing heart? When my thyroid was hyper I had an elevated heart rate with some palps but my thyroid levels are normal now and I'm still getting some palps but don't have the elevated heartbeat to go with it. does anyone still have this problem even when your levels have returned to normal?

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  • I have Hashi's and I get palps when undermedicated. Is it possible your thyroid hormone has gone a bit low?

  • Not sure. I haven't had blood work done since 2 months but as far as I know Graves only causes hyperthyroid. I did wonder if people still got heart palps without the racing heart too so I'm assuming that answer is yes if you have them without a fast rate. What do you do for yours?

  • Yes, the answer is yes, you can get them w an otherwise normal (or slow in the case of uat) heart rate. It sometimes felt like my heart stuttered, like one part of the process was out of sync and took a while to catch up, also there were sometimes just a series of very hard beats.

    Sorry, I assumed you were on some meds for your Graves (eg block and replace) which can make you go hypo. I'm far from well-informed about Graves so perhaps someone else will weigh in on whether or not it is likely to be lack of hormone.

    For me the best remedy has been taking a higher dose of meds :-) but if you're not on thyroid hormone that is of limited use to you. I believe there is also some issue w iron - ? - that anaemia can cause palps. So that would be something to look at too.

    Do you get the palps that make you want to cough? I used to get those a lot.

    There is a lot of good info here:

  • oh you've been of great help. Honestly, just hearing that they happen regardless of heart racing helps me. I am only diagnosed with Graves for 2 months. I took one test which my thyroid was hyper and then another a few weeks later that the new endo ordered and it was normal which I guess is how Graves works. It kicks up and I go hyper then backs off and I'm normal again except that my heart palps didn't stop. they are better but still having them once or twice a day. I see my endo again next month and I'm getting my blood work done again shortly before my appointment to see if things have changed again. I'm uncertain how people take medication for an ever changing thyroid level? If my thyroid is hyper and I take anti thyroid meds, my levels will be too low when it returns to normal. I do have a cough with mine now. I saw my GP today and she said she thinks she hears a slight murmur. They did an EKG which was normal and are referring me to a cardiologist to be sure there is no heart valve issue. Do you need to be treated by a cardiologist for yours or are they harmless? Do you find it hard to get a deep breath?

  • No extra treatment for mine, I had an ecg a long time ago and it was all normal. I was then diagnosed w a heart murmur as well - ! - and sent for another ecg more recently and that turned out to be fine too. If I remember correctly there is some disagreement about whether or not I actually have a murmur. Many (most?) palps are benign so try not to worry.

    They may be referring you because Graves can damage your heart and since you've just had your dx they want to be thorough. It does sound like your experience has been quite moderate though - you aren't likely to have had years of undiagnosed Graves by the sound of it - so you're likely to be just fine.

    Yes, it does sound like an awful tightrope walk when they medicate you for Graves, which I suspect they only do when you have sustained high hormone levels which must feel awful and can do some damage. (I feel a bit of an imposter talking about Graves as I really don't know much about it and am only recalling what I've read here.)

    Apparently it's also possible to have Graves *and* Hashi's, which I can't get my head around.

    I don't have trouble w getting air now but I did when I was hypo. They call it air hunger and it is a hypo symptom. Anaemia can also cause it. See if they've tested your iron.

  • I feel better you also have a possible murmur and your heart is ok. I think you are correct that they will treat if I have high levels for a long period of time. I read a little bit about Hashi's and it sounds to be the opposite of Graves but similar complications? do the palps make you short of breath?

  • Hmm, no not really. They make me feel a bit garrotted tbh :-) then I get the big thump of a beat and it goes back to normal. That sort of sounds worse than it is, but I can't think how else to explain it. It isn't my throat I feel it in but in my artery, as though the blood isn't flowing properly. It's only for a moment.

    Yes, Hashi's is an autoimmune disease with many of the same symptoms (you can get an inflamed thyroid, fatigue, lump in throat etc) and some opposite ones (metabolism is slowed down instead of speeded up.

  • I wondered if the shortness of breath was normal. I looked up the symptom and of course come up heart attack. Lol. That doesn'thelp me feel any better about it. That's mostly what I do here is search symptoms similar to mine. Even thoughI can't cure it, knowing what it is helps.

  • Yes that may be so, but you can get it from so many benign or less sinister things - exertion, anaemia, uat, hay fever, asthma etc etc - I really wouldn't worry. If you've had the normal ecg and they're referring you it sounds like you're in good hands.

  • I appreciate your help a lot. :)

  • No worries. :-)

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