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Hi everyone

I was wanting to ask as its my appointment this coming Friday with the endocrinologist, (I insisted via my doctor who openly stated he didn't know enough about thyroid) that I see someone who did, can anyone suggest what I need to take with me etc., to back me up and portray a strong front I.e. (ensure I don't get fobbed off) and to ensure I finally get some proper medication.

I posted all my blood results etc back in November 2015, replies were very helpful, thanks to all.

I have been on 100 mg for ten years of Levothyroxine only, I increased to 125 mg (without my doctors consent and felt slightly better together with vitamins again self medicated and recommended by this site. My prescription was due a couple of weeks ago but my doctor would not give me a new prescription for 125 mg because of that old chestnut I fall within the range! so I am still taking 125 mg but my prescription will run out by the end of this week, due to me increasing the dose, would the endocrinologist be able to give me a prescription on Friday or could you recommend where I can get more thyroxine.

I look forward to your replies .

Kind regards


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Gwendoline1612 ,

You would be very unlikely to be able to get any levothyroxine from a non-prescription source in that short a time.

An endocrinologist could issue a prescription but there is a lot of pressure to inhibit consultants prescribing. He/she could contact your GP and ask them to prescribe.

By the way, your dose will be MICROGRAMS (mcg) not milligrams (mg). Always sounds better if you say the right thing! :-)


Oh sorry I'm a novice lol.

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Do you have any other advice for me to say, do, take, with me for Friday.

I must admit I am very cynical re my appointment, I feel already I won't get anywhere, in fact the only reason I am going is for them to prove me right, that they are more than useless!!

Thanks Gwen


I have not been in that situation - so limited ability to input help!

Make sure you have your own background clear. Think through what you want and expect. Get as good a sleep the night before. Keep cool and calm - you might rage inside but it really won't help in most cases.


Hi Hivella

Thank you for your advice. I will try and remain calm. Unfortunately I have found as I have got older that unless you stick up for yourself you don't get anywhere.

Fingers crossed I do on this occasion


I had my first appointment with an Endo last Friday. I suppose each will be different, but he definitely wanted to manage the consultation on his own terms. He said he had his own way of getting to the issues, so my notes stayed in the folder apart from me consulting them when he asked me something that I could answer from there.

Mind you, he did some tests that I wasn't expecting so I learnt something new. He tested my reflexes, you know, hammer to the knee type and I realised that nothing happened. Now in the past, there would have been a response. I have since looked it up and now know it is an old test (not easy to fake!!) for hypothyroidism and the least reflex response, the more hypo - bit worrying!

He did offer me the T4/T3 treatment I was hoping for, but only once the heart murmur he discovered has been investigated.

I hope you are seeing a sympathetic and knowledgeable Endo (from Louise Warville's list). The guy I saw is on the list and he repeated the BTA and RCP guidelines, but then said because of his many years' experience he was prepared to offer me a trial of T4/T3.

Good luck!

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Hi Musicmonkey

Thank you so much for your reply so informative. Where can I find the list of sympathetic endo's please?

I'm going with an open mind but must admit after realizing I haven't been on the correct meds for the past ten years I am extremely angry and cynical of what to expect or not as the case may be!!!!😡


You can get a list from

Or via electronic contact form under the diagnosis section on their website.

Glad you found my post helpful, although as I say, your experience may be very different.

Hope it goes well for you.


Hi Musicminkey

I've sent an email to Louise.

Many thanks


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Thyroid Uk do I list of thyroid symptoms. There may be some you have but haven't connected them so it might be worthwhile to print one off and annotate it. Also make a list of anything you want to ask. It's so easy to forget! If other family members have a thyroid problem then mention that. Hope it goes well. I'm


Hi sikverfox7

Thank you much appreciated if I google thyroid symptoms will I get a list that waregarGwendoline


Look at the Thyroid UK site. Loads of info on there plus the list.


These aren't really questions as such but this is what I'd be saying.

"I increased my dose by 25mcg. I feel so much better. I'm still within range, so I'm going to continue doing so. However, my GP won't listen to me and despite having hypo symptoms, my gp won't support me. Can you help or at the very least investigate why I am having hypo symptoms after 10 years of feeling okay?"

That would be my opening gambit and see where it takes me.


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