Recommended Hospital/Endocrinologist in Derby/Nottingham/Midlands

Hi all,

I have been diagnosed with underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) for about 14 months now. My G.P. has been pretty good on diagnosis and has prescribed Thyroxin in increasing dosages with a 6-10 week blood test in between, listening to me on feedback and symptoms (not just blood tests). Until recently I have been taking 250 mg daily and on this dosage felt for the first time 'normal'. I have always exercised with heavy weights and jogging and this dosage allowed me to feel back to my best and able to carry on in my usual routine.

However now after taking 250 mg for 6 weeks my final tests indicated to my doctor that I was 'overdosing', he asked me to reduce dosage back down to 225 mg (been on it 4 weeks and no test yet), however I now feel terrible, back to feeling tired, miserable, itchy skin, mentally not as alert etc....etc.

I reported back to the G.P. who now recommends a referral to an Endocrinologist and has asked me if I have a preference.

The question I have is can anyone recommend one who is open minded, has a modern approach to the ailment near Nottingham or Derby, I would be prepared to travel further afield to get the correct treatment though.


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  • Not sure if there's one local to you, but drop me an email for our list -



  • Thanks Louise, I have sent you my e-mail.

  • Hi I am going to see my endo at chesterfield hospital on friday, i have got a list of blood tests i want taking so if i get good results i will let you know


  • Than you smooze, that would be great.

    By the way, I hope you get all the answers and the correct medical support you need.

  • Thanks so much xxx I am taking my sister with me as always, she generaly does the talking, as half the time my brain goes blank or i forget the word im searching for mid sentance lol

  • Hi

    If they are any 'good', please can you drop me an email - thanks! :-)

    Good luck!



  • Most certainly will x x

  • Hi,

    I pushed for a referral to a hospital in the Midlands and am now taking T4 and T3. Send me an email on and will let you know who I have seen.


  • Can I PM you too Nicola? I could do with reasonably good endo in midlands too.

    E x

  • HI i saw my endo and thankfuly everything as stablised, i seem to be in the minority here were I get over medicated easily and get on well with Levo , thankfuly its all ok now tho and i dont have to reduce my Levo any more, To be honest this endo is very good for me but she doesnt do T3 so if you are after that then she isnt the one for you, but if you are on levo she is very good in regard to higher and lower doses for me anyway, hope this helps xxx

  • Hi smooze

    Thanks for the information; I am glad you are making progress.

    I am on 250 mg so don't think dosage for me is the key.

    I now have a G.P. referral for a certain Dr S in Birmingham, so I think I will be missing out the Endo phase (hopefully).

    Kind regards,

  • Hi there. I'm wondering how you've gotten on with finding a good endo in the area? I've moved here from Greater Manchester and, long story short, I've not been able to see my old endo in Bolton (now moved to Salford) for far too long. Dr has lowered my dose and I can't function now. Sat here in tears and at the end of my tether.

  • Hi, sorry to be cheeky but reading you post is like a mirror to my past, but I am five years on and no better. Can you tell me if you found a private specialist in Derby - I don't seem to get anywhere with my GP, although in fairness they seem overstretched so far these days I feel bad pushing things. Help appreciated.

  • hi lbloomer

    i am in a similar situation and live in 'derby

    i don't seem to be getting anywhere and at present i am off sick with fatigue and stress. doctors not helping.

    have u had any luck?

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