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Fed up

Went to gp yesterday re thyroid who told me results were normal and told me that feeling like my inner body was cold was all in my head. that this was not possible. anyway he increased my thyroxine to 125 with blood test in 3 months. I was so annoyed that he thought I was making it up. anyone know a good endocrinologist in the north west. merry xmas and thanks kath gallaghet

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Hi kath, I'm not in the UK so can't help you with that but just want to console you a bit since this deceptive negligence seems to be rampant when it comes to thyroid conditions. This utter display of ignorance seems to be the rule of thumb although someone may be able to point you to someone more helpful. Please learn as much as you can about your condition as there is an abundance of information that you can absorb and if need be, you can even do a lot for yourself. Some starters for you.



I'm sorry your GP is such an ignorant person. It's not in your head, that's for sure. If they can not explain symptoms directly they will say it's in your head, really easy isn't it?

Do you know your blood results? "Normal" is often not true, if you know your results you can see for yourself if you are undermedicated.


Thank you for your advice. merry xmas


I'm sorry the doctor was unsympathetic and also showing is ignorance of the clinical symptoms of hypo one being cold.

Do you take your temp before your get out of bed each morning as that can be a good guide for you, we are usually below normal range until we get onto optimum meds. Some times although we feel good our temp doesn't come back to normal. Maybe your increase will do the trick. Did you get a print-out of your latest blood test results, with the ranges, so that you can post for comments.


No but will ask thanks


Mmmm if your results were normal why did he give you a raise in meds ??


It could be that your body is not converting T4 to T3. The STTM website someone referred you to has lots of useful information.


Kath, by 'normal' he just means 'in range', which is not the same as 'optimal', which we should all be trying for. But doctors are so Under-educated in thyroid - even the endos, who prefer diabètes - that they don't know that.

So, what is optimal? It's the result that makes you feel well, and it's not the same for everybody. If you are still feeling ill, then you are not optimal, and you should tell him that.

On the other hand, in order to feel well, you need all your vitamins and minerals to be optimal, as well. If things like vit D, B12, iron and magnesium are low, that will make you feel very bad and you won't be able to use the thyroid hormone you're taking. Have you had them tested? If not, ask. Because doctors are totally ignorant on all things nutritional, as well as all things thyroid!

Hugs, Grey


Thanks guys will definitely check that website out


has your doctor bothered to test




vit d3


Thyroid Antibodies


Free T4

Free T3

I can well remember my husband , daughter and 3 granddaughters all describing identical symptoms

usually its due to anaemia or adrenal stress

insist on copies of all tests that have been done so far and the above tests are done urgently

Levothyroxine is not the immediate solution to hypothyroid

other deficiencies must be tackled too


This is a link for your information and there are other topics at the top of the page if you wish and read the first question. Some links within these may not work as the site is archived.



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