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T3 advice please

Had an appointment with Endo at Barts about a month ago . Every symptom I told him I had he dismissed and said it was due other conditions. I asked to go on a trial of T3 but he said they didn't prescribe this due to adverse side effects.

I am on 100mg of Levothyroxine but would like to try T3. To order myself is the only way forward.

Could you please pm me with details of makes and where I can order from.

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There is no Adverse Side Effects unless you overdose. Take my example for instance, I take just under 50mcg T3 once daily. The other day, within 14 hours, I took another dose by mistake (talking to someone else and not concentrating) so just under 100mcg on that one day.

I thought it might have an effect taking 90+mcg but I had no symptoms or problems. Whereas on levo I was in and out of A&E like a yo-yo. T3 has calmed my whole system down and I feel great. Some people have to try different types, i.e. NDT, T3 added to T4 or T3 only but it is very bad that the Endo wont even allow a trial of some additional T3. They make False Statements about anything other than levothyroxine. You can do what some are forced to do although it isn't recommended on this forum to self-medicate but you either stay unwell or try to improve your condition.


Thanks for reply. I just feel I need to try T3 and I am getting nowhere going through gps


One of the things that really irritates me is doctors who tell you that your symptoms are due to. something else. They know darn well they aren't, otherwise they'd offer to diagnose and treat these causes. Instead, they have simply invented a new mystery disease - SE. As in, it can't be your thyroid it must be Something Else.


It's the 'line' they use when the assumption is that 'our bloods are within range' so therefore this patient has a somatization disorder from some other source (a.k.a. a mental problem). Take these anti-d's (it will keep patient happy) i.e. leaving with a prescription in their hands but still very unwell through undermedication of thyroid hormones for that particular person's body. Arrogance together with unsympathetic natures.

Rosetrees we know much more than them. It's like males actually knowing and feeling what it's like when we have a difficult pregnancy then a very painful delivery. They cannot know the experience unless they have been there done that (hypo/hyper) as they just know theories not practical experience and one doesn't match the other in any way whatsoever.


Who at Barts told you this ???


tillypops I spent 8 years at barts! pm me who you saw


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