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Good news on the adrenal front!


I just thought, as I often recommend it, that I would re do the Adrenal Quiz at and my score has halved!!!

So, from being at the top of Wired and Tired a year ago I'm now just into 'Stressed'.

What did I do?

I stopped intermittent fasting and dieting in general.

I made sure I went to bed in my 'sleepy window' which now means I need to be in bed by 10.30 and lights out by 11.15 or so.

I followed the Adrenal Reset Diet - albeit a bit loosely!

I bought a Valkee Earlight and used it religiously even through the summer

For a while I took Rhodiola in the morning, and Ashwagandha (spelling?) at bedtime, but not in the last few months.

I meditated daily - rather less nowadays, (slaps wrist!)

I still take magnesium glycinate, CLO, wholefood C and B6 but that is mostly for my bones.

Finally a year ago Dr O gave me a homoeopathic remedy which I really think was 'me'.

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It is great you are heading in the right direction and proves adrenals can recover if looked after.

I haven't see this quiz before so am going to do it myself.

Thank you for posting.