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Hi just phoned GP for blood results,receptionist vague so have to go in and get print out this week.Went to Endo last week and happy for me to continue on t3 only but says they go by TSH and as that is 1.01 nothing else they can do as this is normal,she wants me to go on antidepressents ,but I refused as I am not depressed,Bloods were t3 6.9 no range given ,this is the highest it has ever been and not feeling hyper but had taken my usual 5.00 am dose as did not think they would take bloods.ft4 was under 2 cortisol 476 hormones show I am post menapausel but I wil gey print out for ranges in week.Endo has said she does not know what is wrong with me and discharged me to get on with things myself,but I could contact her if I needed too.Yikes ,been a Nurse for 38 years in NHS and thats it get on with things yourself

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Susiebow, What time was the blood draw? FT3 6.9 is either top or slightly over range but T3 peaks in the serum for up to six hours so may be due to taking your 5am dose.

"Your TSH is good so it's not your thyroid" is not great doctoring is it?


Hi Clutter ,blood was taken about 10.00 ,so I guess it was my 5.00 am t3 dose. My t3 is usually in the 5.2 range if not taken t3 dose.


Susiebow, T3 may still have been peaking in serum and 6.9 is probably mildly elevated (guessing as ranges aren't available) so there's no need to reduce dose.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


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