Novothyral please!

I have been on Novothyral for 2 years & was a revelation..clear mind, mood balance, energy increase..even without great weight loss. However I had to import from Euro pharmacy & I no longer have a prescription ( long story, not my fault! !) and struggling to locate anywhere to buy without new Rx. Last tablet today & was hoping someone may be able to help?

Novothyral-100 Levothyroxine /thyroxine and 20 mcg of T3.

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  • Hi Nidhuain, I don't believe I've heard that mentioned on this phorum. Here is a long list of different hormones and some are procured without prescription. I hope you get something soon. Your current dose is the equivalent of about one and a half grain of desiccated thyroid which contains both T4 and T3 as you are used to.

  • Thank you! That is really helpful.

  • Sorry I don't know where to get Novothyral.

    Marz posted the other day about the Greek product Dithyron which appears very similar.

  • Many thanks does indeed appear similiar..will see if can get online ( or need to book a holiday!)

  • Let me know please if you're still in trouble.

  • Yes still struggling to locate despite help & feeling impact....any advice would be super thank you...

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