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was speaking with a vet this afternoon as I had to take my bunny in. She is Polish and has Hashimoto's as well. She initially had problems with Levo saying it didn't work for her because she was still having symptoms so was prescribed Novothyral which is a combined T4/T3 tablet and she says she hasn't looked fact she looks great!

She still sees her doc in Poland I believe every now and then and also gets her meds from her doc there via a friend who visits regularly

Anyone else tried this?

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This is a link which was posted two years ago and may be of interest:

Jefner, the problem with fixed dose combined T4+T3 meds Like Novothyral and NDT is that the proportions of T4 to T3 don't suit everyone. Novothyral 75 contains 75mcg T4 + 15mcg T3 and Novothyral 100 is 100mcg T4 + 20mcg T3.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

Jefner in reply to Clutter

guess she was just very lucky in finding something straight away that suited her. I was wondering Clutter, I have been thinking about what you said in poss adding some T3 as I don't appear to be converting. Want to have a word with my Endo next week about it. As my T4 appears to just keep going up at the moment, at what point could I try some T3 and what would the recommended starting dosage be and would my T4 have to be lowered as well? Would I take my T4 in the morning and T3 later in the day? Have now idea how it works

Clutter in reply to Jefner

Jefner, You are converting. I said you appeared to be a poor converter with high FT4 and low-ish FT3.

You should be aware that adding T3 can sometimes make anxiety worse, and some patients experience anxiety with high FT3. You already know high FT4 increases your anxiety. In your situation I would add 5mcg T3 to 100mcg T4 and see how you tolerate it before increasing to 10mcg split into 2 doses 8-12 hours apart initially. I take T4+T3 in the morning and a second T3 dose at bedtime.

Jefner in reply to Clutter

just concerned with my third reduction in my T4 that my T3 levels will drop too far and I will get another set of symptoms to deal with. They have dropped slightly as you said they would from my last test results.

Did you work in the T3 yourself with guidance from your doc/endo?

My husband is currently on Novothyral, prescribed by a Belgian Doctor and obtained from Belgium. It works well, and the Doctor is proposing to hand my husband over to the NHS for continued treatment. But presumably this is not going to work as we have no synthetic combined T4 and T3 in this country?

Who is Polish, your Bunny or the Vet?

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faith63 in reply to Jefner


i would rather get rid of my hashi's than be on meds! This is what i am trying to do. Functional Medicine says it can be cured.

Jefner in reply to faith63

R u on a gluten free diet?

yes, for like the 4th time with no improvements. Gluten was negative on my food sensitivities list, but oats, walnuts and swiss cheese were really bad. Milk a 0 swiss a 3..odd, oh and cottage cheese too.

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