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Does this happen to anyone else?

Does this happen to anyone else?

Morning all,

I was wondering if this happens to anyone or is it just me?

This is about the 8th or 9th time this happened over the past couple of years. As you can see from the picture, my finger is very swollen and red which then turns black. BUT when it happens it effects two of my toes the same way at the same time, and it is always the same finger and the same toes. Neither a rheumatologist or dermatologist can work out why this happens, as there is no obvious trigger point.

It starts as a persistent itching, for a few hours, then turns to a burning sensation at which point the three offending digits start to swell. Once they have almost doubled in size, they turn a really deep red/black as though they are really badly bruised, all the while the burning pain carries on. After a day or two the swelling goes down and the pain subsides, then the skin in the effected areas begins to crack and peel.

Today my toes feel like they are about to explode, which make wearing anything a pain in more ways than one.

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Ditto. Exact same symptoms. Like you same fingers and occasionally toes. Being going on now for over 25 years!! Doctors bothered. NO. No explanations just usual 'Ohh'. Just know that it is leaky vein/capillaries. Usually happens to me when I am tiredier than usual.

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Hypo10, maybe chilblains. Capllaries burst and leak into surrounding tissue when fingers and toes warm up too quickly from being cold. Antihistamines help me when the itching starts and avoiding rubbing and scratching stops them swelling so much.


Hi Clutter,

I get chilblains in the winter, but this is different and has happened June, July and August when its been really warm and I've not been cold. The last consultant I saw told me that I'm just special!!



Glad I'm not the only one..

My meds are off at the moment and going for bloods on Friday.

I have been more tired since a drop in my levo dose last Sept and along with a poorly child, husband and then myself (tummy bug) the last couple of weeks I guess I am more shattered than my normal knackeredness! but can't honestly say if on previous occasions I've been more tired than normal....What is normal anyway?


I'm not a doc but that looks and sounds like a description of gout. It can happen in many joints around the body, especially at the extremeties.

Gout can run hand in hand with thyroid issues. I had this in one of my toes, just like that. Made walking very painfull.

Practice nurse ran blood panel for uric acid levels amongst other things. It came back with slightly elevated uric acid and a TSH of 27.....that was the start of my hypo-t journey after going downhill health and mentally wise for a looooong time (I just thought it was due to getting older!).

Are you due for a blood test soon? Maybe they should check your blood urea levels too?

Have to say that I have never had gout since I have been optimally medicated on levo.


I'm due for bloods on Friday, so I'll ask. I have been arguing with my GP that my meds are too low after a drop last Sept, but this has been happening for a lot longer than I've been taking the lower dose. At first I thought I had been bitten by something!

Surely as three different people have seen it at its worse, they would have at least suggested gout!


BeccyD, if little pin prick red dots appear followed by itching/burning, then swelling, it may be chilblains. I take antihistamine as soon as itching starts as rubbing and scratching made them swell more and they became infected when the skin broke.


It looks and sounds very similar to what my Dad suffers in his thumb from time to time. Diagnosed by his GP as gout. However, I am not a doctor just wonder whether your GP could at least rule this out?


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