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Liothyronine Batch 81377 / 81171 and cynomel comparison by vega test


Cynomel fine on 1 and a quarter tabs - 31.25mcg

Mercury Pharma 81171 need up to 2 tabs i.e. 40 mcg

Mercury Pharma 81377 - no apparent effect at all to the ponit they were "bad for me"- she said maybe they have missed the active ingredient!

Nutri Thyroid helpful for me ( I take 2 a day)


Yesterday I went to my homeopath who uses the Vega Test to ascertain allergies, hormone levels and mineral levels She has been practising for nearly 30 years and I have known her throughout. She has reliably discovered allergenics for my family which by removing them from diet e.g. for my daughter cauliflower and cheese and for my son nightshades. For a while I worked as her receptionist and could witbess some incredible changes for patients with caute skin conditions , asthma hayfever , hormonal problems etc etc.

I was trying to find out which foodstuffs were exagerating my Hashimoto's - especially after reading Izabella Wentz's Hashimoto's Root Cause. We began by checking cynomel batch BM20 1206, then Mercury Pharma Liothyronine 81171, then Mercury Pharma 81377, and Nutri Thyroid as I wanted to be sure I was swapping like for like in terms of dose.

Has anyone else used vega as a test method and do we know how reliable it is?

Where would I send samples of 81377 to have them checked? I have looked at the news feed on Thyroid UK - is it there somewhere? I have not tried it yet but is seems it would only make me ill.

I had done a yellow card for 80928 earlier in the year and since have been swapping between 81171 and cynomel.

My Homeo doc also said she has had patients on heart ytablets with similar problems.

I shall be ordering more cynomel today.

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I would stick with cynomel if I were you. My daughter has been on it for 11 years and has never had a duff batch. There was a slight supply difficulty a few years ago when there was a problem with production, so we now keep at least 12 bottles in the house (she takes 125 mcg a day). Dr. Lowe believed it was the purest form of T3 available. Jane x x


just online now putting in my order - thanks Jane : )


Where is the best place to buy cynomel from? I care for my 79 year old mother who has been on T3 for last couple years. She was doing really well until last september when she started going down hill. Nothing I tried with dose sizes or frequency seemed to work or would only work for a day or so. I have just been reading about problems with different batches and that would explain things. The last batch we had was 81377 and that was not good at all. the new batch is 81526 and I wonder if you no if thats any good? Many thanks. B


will pm you :-)


Many thanks but I`m afraid I dont know what pm means.


it means private message, should appear with a 1 by envelope icon at top of your home page for this site

can you see it now? have sent it :-)


No problem. Speak to you later.


Hello Sarah, Like you I have alternated from NHS T3 and Cynomel, having to adjust doses. I am also on 81171. Your homeopath sounds amazing, I don't know where you live, but would be curious to learn the name and area of your homeopath please? If this isn't allowed, could you p.m. please? Thanks


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