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Hi Newbie here, I have had a lot of hypothyroid symptoms and recently went to Gp's. He ordered Full blood count including TSH. It all came back normal including TSH of 0.78 miu/L (0.35-5.0) B12 is a little bit higher than the range.

My symptons include Fatigue, ( Most days I need to have a nap, I'm only 34), Muscle aches, struggle to concentrate, fogginess, Feeling more cold, pins and needles down left arm, irritability low mood and low libido. My elder sister has been diagonosed with hyperthyroidism.

What steps should I take next, asks docs for FT3 and 4 tests, start taking vitimins, I just want to feel a little bit more normal.


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  • This is a link and maybe ask GP for those listed :

  • When you say B12 is a little bit higher than the range, what do you mean? A little bit higher than the bottom of the range? Or a little bit higher than the top of the range?

  • B12 is a little bit higher than the upper level of the range

  • Are you supplementing ?

  • No but I drink a couple of cans of monster a week when I do night shift. I know these have a high B12 content, so I think this may be why my B12 is up

  • So, what is the top of the range? Because optimal for B12 is 1000, and a lot of ranges end pretty low. :(

  • Serum vitamin B12 level 899ng/L (187.0-883.0)

  • Well, actually, that's a bit low. lol No, seriously, you might feel better with it up near 1000. Most ranges for B12 are pretty unrealistic. And you can't over-dose on B12 because it's water soluable. :)

  • Electrabint,

    Taking your described symptoms into account, TSH of 0.78 could suggest you are borderline, heading toward hypERthyroidism. Most definitely tell GP about your sister's hypER diagnosis, and request FT4 and FT3 blood tests. TSH alone is not enough to rule thyroid dysfunction out.

  • Or you could be secondary/central hypo. No way to know without Ft4 and Ft3, which is why it is stupid and short-sighted to test only TSH - when my T3 is right at the bottom of the range, my TSH is still usually under 0.7, so ...

  • I thought if it was hyperthyroidism I would be losing weight. I am overweight and am struggling to lose it despite being on around 1000 calories a day, running around after two young kids. The worst day I've had so far I had severe muscle cramps, totally exhausted and managed to sleep for 18 hours straight through and still felt tired.

  • No, not all hypER patients lose weight. Tiredness, exhaustion,muscle cramps and weight gain also occur with excess thyroid hormone. Get the bloods done and hopefully that will shed some light on what's going on.

  • 1000 calories a day is not enough. You need to eat more. If your weight it caused by your thyroid problems, starving yourself could make things even worse. You shouldn't be counting calories, anyway. You should be counting nutrients.

  • Well I've got doctors appointment tomorrow morning, wish me luck. Do you think it will do any harm if I take multi vitamins and mabye some selenium?

  • Well my Gp grudgenly arranged for Ft3 and Ft4 blood tests. Just have to wait on results now

  • Well got my results in. My Ft3 and FT4 are ok but I have a severe vitamin D deficiency. I have been taking thyroid support supplements and I have felt better in myself. Just need to get my vit D levels up now.

  • What was the result - and what did your Doc prescribe ?

  • Doc said my level should be around 79 and they were at 38. He advised taking some vit D supplement and changing my diet to include more oily fish.

  • Other results were TSH 0.89 (0.35-5.0)

    FT4 11.0 (9.0-19.0)

    FT3 3.9 (2.9-6.1)

    Do these look ok to people

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