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Feeling better

Hi not been on for a while. I just wanted to say I have seen endo in January and May I say I was very pleased, she really listened to me and took bloods checked my kneck and sent me for a scan of which I will be going back for results on Feb 16th, I'm not perfect but I feel heaps better than I did I am on 125 levo and I have gained a bit of weight that's so hard to loose.

I'm sleeping well and my miserable moods don't seem to happen anymore, I used to cry at anything, I know lots out there are suffering and I'm not quite sure how and why I feel so well, I hope this continues however. And I just wanted to share. X😁

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Hi Tulips. Its great to hear from members whose health has started to improve. It gives us all a lift, and gives hope to those still suffering.

Thanks for posting!

Good luck



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