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Where can I buy Modafinil?

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Modafinil was originally a medication for narcolepsy, but was discovered to improve decision- making, problem-solving and possibly even make people think more creatively.

After 10 years of untreated hypothyroidism my cognitive abilities could do with a boost and would appreciate a reputable source for this smart drug?

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Hello, I asked to be prescribed this but my psychologist told me that it was comparable with using a sledgehammer to crack a peanut.

My problems are caused by an ABI courtesy of meningitis but you may be able to convince your doctor.

Good luck xx

Incidentally I found that a daily 1000mg cod liver oil tablet improved my cognition after about 2 weeks. I still take it as I notice when I go for a few days without taking.

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Thank you Mads1975. I was put off cod liver oil when there was a caffufle: dailymail.co.uk/health/arti...

I will certainly try other fish oils for Omega 3 and hope it has the same effect.


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Mads1975 in reply to cc120

Hi, I've just checked and the supplement I use is Boots 'Max Strength Omega 3 Fish Oil' 1300mg

It states on the packaging that it supports healthy brain function.

Can often buy 3 for the price of 2 as well xx

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cc120 in reply to Mads1975

Thank you Mads1975 : ).

I didn't know about this drug. I'd really need it too. Same thing I feel I don't think straight anymore

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cc120 in reply to Brubru

Hi Brubru, be sure to do the due diligance research before trying, if we discover the best place to buy.

Also, what is your condition that effects your cognitive abilities?

My 'thinking' has improved with medication, eg Natural Dessicated Thyroid, but feel I could do with more help.

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Brubru in reply to cc120

Same here. After being not diagnosed for most of my life, then under treated for about 7 years on levo, since starting NDT last year I have a life. But then I got greed. I want a full life! So Today I'm starting t3 only, so let's see what happens. I might make a post later more a form of keeping record to myself as all I write on this site has helped me see my ups and downs.

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Hi Brubru, I would have been under dosed on levo too, I expect but decided to self medicate on ndt, but I think I increased too quickly and also as my adrenals were already whacked, the increase of thyroid activity whacked them even more.

One of the options I'm considery is T3 alone.

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cc120 in reply to Brubru

Good article on Modafinil: thetab.com/uk/oxford/2013/0...

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Brubru in reply to cc120

Thank you for this! I'll read.

I am intrigued that after 10 years of untreated hypothyroidism ( why untreated? Unresponsive GP? ) that you would rather take a pharmaceutical that is not related to your thyroid function than take something that is? Your cognitive abilities might very well get the boost they need from modafinil but don't you feel there are almost certainly other, less 'chemical' ways to give you the boost...?

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Hi carich, I was telling my GP over the 10 years that I was feeling fatigued, and she would authorise blood tests. When I rang reception for results, was always told 'normal'. It was only approx 2 years ago that I requested a copy of blood test results over the 10 year period that I discoverd TSH of 7 to 8 over that period. I did read somewhere that if TSH is 5 or overm, COUPLED with symptoms one should be offered help/referral/trial T4.

I don't know if GP didn't ever looked at results properly or thought that I would have to reach TSH 10 before she did anything.

Since then changed GP and following advice on this site, tend to be more of a dictator with her, rather than the shy, not wanting to cause any trouble type of person that I was with my old GP.

I have been self medicating with NDT for about a year, and there has been a good improvement with cognitive ability, though I feel there is room for improvement but also still get too fatigued and sleep for long periods.

What less chemical ways would you suggest : ) ?

I bought some of this for exam time, but don't think it made any difference.

Someone alerted me to an interesting Guardian article (dated 1st March 2016) on modafinil's effect on students:


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