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Where can I buy cytomel please?

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Hi all,

I tried to buy cytomel from a Mexican drug company. They took my money and never sent anything. Could anyone please pm me with suggestions of where I can buy it? I just need the tablets and I can't afford to be throwing money at bad guys.

Thanks... I'm desperate.

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unusual... These guys make their money from your repeat orders..... Have you contacted them? They are generally very helpful and will resend missing stock.

G x

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marvinsmate in reply to galathea

Hey G,

I placed the order and got an order number and everything seemed great. Said paid on my account. I emailed a few times during the month that I waited. They said everything fine just wait a little longer. I waited. On my final check more than a month of waiting they tell me that there was a problem with payment and to start again. They apologised and said 24 hours to dispatch. 7 days more of waiting... no dispatch. After sending lots of emails and waiting... they say they are sorry and are having problems with their accounts. This feels a long time when I am so poorly and awaiting my order. I have been forced to put in a more expensive order elsewhere because this place will deliver fast according to a recommendation. This isn't what I expected. I feel that if they had been honest I would have been more patient.

Anyway... fingers crossed I get an order soon.

Take care x

May I ask when you ordered it? If it is the usual company they are out of stock at the moment and deliveries will start again at the end of Jan if that helps.


I'm new to all this. I don't know if we are talking about the same company. The place I ordered never mentioned having run out. Perhaps you could pm me a better company? I ordered 2nd December originally.

Thanks x

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Hi Marvinsmate, I only just received my order from 2nd December last Friday. A lot of the Mexican pharmacies are having problems processing payments on credit cards, including Visa. We ended up having to phone the pharmacy and pay by credit card over the phone. The call cost £10 for 7 minutes!! With Christmas the orders are definitely taking longer to come. The earliest i've ever had is a delivery on the 18th day, but it can be a month.

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Thank you! Let's hope my order arrives soon then.

Thanks x

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I hope so!!

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If you need to again, you might consider using Skype to make your call(s).

(Actually, even my mobile is less than you were charged.)


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I know Rod, what a rip off, we were so stressed out as my supplies were running very low, Skype never entered our heads! Great idea, next time......!

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We all fall for these things at times, especially under stress - I see moneysavingexpert has some other suggestions.

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I get their emails so I'll have a look, thanks.

All I can say Rod is thank goodness it was only a 7 minute call!

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Perhaps the horse has bolted :-) but if you register w 18185 it costs 3p per minute to Mexico and ordinary landline calls within the UK are free. I have no connection aside from being a satisfied customer for almost 10 years.

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Forgive delay punctured bicycle, where do you register? I'm not familiar with this at all, but it will well worth the savings if you can give me a bit more info. Thanks!

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Just googled it: 18185.co.uk/index2.php There should be something there to help.

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Thanks for the info puncturedbicyle!

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Helcaster Can you please PM there number?


Yep that's what they said to me, are they trust worthy?

I have not received my refund, and if deliveries resume end of jan why cancel my order?

That's a long wait but not unheard of. Sometimes stuff can sit in customs for weeks. it is true that there have been payment problems. ..

Xx g.

I have pm you!

Once I've worked out how to pm you I'll do so.

I am having problems sourcing T3. I tried Mexico just before Christmas and they could not take my payment and have not come back to me. I ordered from Cyprus and they were out of stock and said that they would let me know when they had some more. I ordered some from the US and then they went out of stock - still are. I've just ordered from Germany and these are supposed to be on the way.

I've not had problems with Mexico or Cyprus before.

Thank you everyone... very much x

I'll pm you, but if anyone is reading this, I don't think it's a shortage of T3 as I've just received some.

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Hi Helcaster

Can you please PM me to, my order said Failed to. I ordered on the 1st of Jan

I am now waiting for my refund!

Thank you

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marvinsmate in reply to Stormx


then sent my order in the early hours of this morning. .. they say up to 28 days for delivery. I got an emergency order to put me on.

expensive but will arrive within the week.

ordered Monday. .. arrived today.

hope this helps x

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Stormx in reply to marvinsmate

Thank you marvinsmate

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Hi Helcaster, can you pm me too please as I only know of this site that sells Cynomel and I run out next month. Thank you

Hi Sandy. Did you find an alternative supplier for

your T3 from Mexico ? If so, could you let me

know who please. Thanks

I'm looking for reliable options to Mexican Drug store T3 !

I'm wheat sensitive & this one was Cornstarch which ok.

I take 25mcg, but could manage cutting 50mcg tab.

Can anyone suggest a suitable Brand I could check out

please. Very grateful - please PM me. Thanks guys.

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