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Can anyone tell me the best diet to follow was diagnosed with hypothyroid a year ago on 100 mg levorixine I've put about 21lb I also take ramipril 10mg and a low dose water tablet plus 10mg statins if I was to increase the Levo to 125 myself would this help even tho doctor says I'm in range and increased dose beginning of December 2015 after blood tests I don't have a print out of these or I would of put up on here any ideas would be welcome thanks

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  • Tina-r - before you go on a diet. In you've not had a recent blood test request one and get a copy of the most recent with results, with the ranges, and post. You may not be on sufficient dose of levo.

    Also, I note you take statins. In fact higher cholesterol is due to being hypothyroid not necessarily what we eat. When levo is optimum our cholesterol usually lowers without statins.

    Never take the word 'normal' 'fine' o.k. with regard to blood tests. Many doctors think once you are in 'range' don't increase dose, when in fact it could be at the bottom of the range instead of near the top.

    If you've not had B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate tested ask for these to be done also. If you've not had a Free T3 (not many do) ask if you can have one because if your T4 is too low it might not be sufficient to convert to T3 which is the active hormone needed in all of our receptor cells.

  • Hi I had blood test done in November he said was all fine I've asked for t3 which he did put down but said the lab could over rule him and not do which they did so it didn't get done I will get a print out next time I go and put up on here some days I feel ok others a bit achey I've had a lot of pain in my right leg which he says is mild arthritis again I can go a few days pain free then it comes back also sometimes I'm burning hot like now but then it will change and I can be really cold especially my hands is this another symptom of hypothordism I've been in the menopause for 5 years now so I don't think it that thank you

  • When you get a print-out of your results from the doctor with the ranges members will respond. Unless you feel really well I doubt you are on sufficient hormones.

    Pain is also another symptom.

  • Thank you

  • Labs don't usually do T3 or FT3 if the TSH is 'in range'. Pain is usually connected to hypothyroidism or undermedicated but they will prescribe anything else for the clinical symptom instead of thyroid hormone increase where needed.

  • when my meds were increased, my pain went away....but I had to go to another dr to get that increase...this was years ago...I was shocked....I asked the dr could we just try that since I was in normal range already...pain went away in a 2 weeks....and I had it for years...

  • Thanks jacjacr maybe I can ask if he will increase my dose did it help with weight aswell

  • no haven't lost weight even when I was over medicated for two mths once....and I was accidently given double the amt I should have been on.....

  • Ok thanks

  • slimming World is the only diet that has worked for me I lost 1 1/2 stone give it a try you've got nothing to lose but weight!

  • Thanks

  • i have had a thyroid problem since 1997 at first my weight shot up i felt gross then once on armour it went down to 8st 12lbs where i stayed for years THEN it shot up to 13 1/2 stone my GP mucked about with my meds long story short version now back on armour but having lost 1 1/2 stone i'm stuck at 11 13 not a happy bunny but i'm sticking with S/W , talked to GP he said for some reason my body isn't playing the game but to stay with S/W so i'm hoping that i will go down again some time soon.

  • Im on 125mg thyroxine and just can't seem to shift the 1 1/2 stone I've put on I don't think my doctor would give me armour did you go on armour because thyroxine didn't work

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