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My experiance of losing weight

I joined an organisation callled overeaters anon 12 years ago and have learnt by listening to lots of peoples experiance some of the pitfalls and ways to lose weight. I have discovered that any kind of drastic measures such a reduced calorie diets or diets of anykind just reduce metabolism and get people stuck and frustrated at not losing weight. I managed to lose about 12 stone by eating what they call in OA a moderate diet. I made only very slow gradual changes to my diet aiming to lose between1 and 4 pounds per month. I would do something like stop taking sugar in my tea, weigh myself only once a month and would not make anymore changes untill I lost less than a pound.Then I would either increase excersize a bit or make another small change to diet. I stopped eating in between meals and just had 3 moderate normal meals a day of food I really liked. I weighed myself on a good pair of scales at Boots or a sport center where the scales are calabrated well. It is a matter of taking things very slowly and has been tedious but worth the wait rather than the ups and downs of dieting, deprivation and binging. I have unfortunatley put back on a lot of weight with thyriod issues but I am hopefull that with my medication at a correct dose and my prior knowledge I will reduce again.

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Well done, mandyjane, for facing your personal difficulties and overcoming them. After such a titanic struggle and so much success it must be demoralising to find that after all that your thyroid problems are working against you.

You have hit the nail on the head when you said that with hypothyroidism it is crucial that your thyroid hormone treatment is at the right dose.

Thanks you SO much for sharing your experience and also the understanding which you have gained. You are the proof that extreme dieting does not work, that weight loss is a long-term process involving lifestyle and small changes at a time.

I was naturally slim and a small eater, I have never used much sugar nor have I ever been in the habit of drinking sugary drinks, and my natural weight was always around 7st 4lbs (When I went overactive it went down to 6st 4lbs) but after my total thyroidectomy my weight went up to nearly12 stones which is a lot for someone who is only four feet 11 inches tall. No matter what I did that weight would not shift, and I already ate so little that I thought the only answer for me was near starvation rations, which as you said does not work. Now I am optimally treated after many, many years of inadequate replacement, and at last for the first time in 32 years I am slowly losing weight, from 11st 12lbs down to 10st 2lbs.

So I absolutely agree with you the the first step in losing weight gained due to the thyroid problem is optimal thyroid medication, in whatever form and at whatever dosage suits the individual.

Once again, mandyjane well done and thank you for sharing your experience with us.

Marie XX



Well done on losing your weight...gradually too! It's hard when you've been so petite and a healthy eater throughout! I have just had a total thyroidectomy and have put on around three stone, so it worries me greatly about struggles of my onward journey and losing that unhealthy extra weight. The general rule seems to be that TT patients end up gaining even more weight. I hope I can find some inspiration on here to help me as it's tough when the "side effect" of this tricky condition can lead to further health issues in the long run. Hate to sound negative, but I'm also trying to be realistic whilst at the same time OPTIMISTIC!!

All the very best!


Dear Maram,

You are on the wrong forum you need Thyroid UK another online forum. TT patients should not gain 3 stone and this indicates you need better thyroid treatment.


Sorry maram confused as ever I thought I was on the weight loss forum but you are already in the right place.


Tee-hee! We all have days like that.


Great post and its usually the simple ideas that are the best. It struck me as a very sensible way to go about weight loss and I'm sorry to hear that your thyroid issues have undone a lot of the good work you achieved. I have to make changed to my diet and will be giving your method a go as its seems a lot less painlful that trying to cut down on lots of things all at once.

Moggie x


Lucky you!! I don't eat enough to diet


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