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MSM Black seed oil and Extra vigin cod liver oil

Hi everyone, since stepping up my MSM intake to 10000mg in total, daily in 2 doses, I just feel even better. I buy the 99.9% organic pure crystals, really cheap, put 1 heaped tsp, together with 1 tsp of ascorbic acid, in warm water to dissolve them properly. Pretty bitter, but not that bad. Do not take it later than about 2pm, otherwise, it may well keep you up at night!!

I was taking 3 x 1000mg MSM, in tablet form, but found that I could tolerate the higher doses, and they say that it is better, and more pure in the crystal form.

I buy black seed oil at the Halal, best and cheapest place to get it, £4.99 for 100ml, I take a tsp morning, and sometimes, when I remember, also at night.

I have 1 tsp of the Rosita EVCLO in the morning, that seems to have a good balance of omegas in it, I would eat fish, but, with everything that you read, and the high mercury content, it's put me off, so this is a very good stand in.

I think that I have pretty much the right balance of supplements, and feel great. Never thought that that would happen, of course the addition of T3, helped greatly, but I still didn't feel 100%, these have definitely tipped the scale in the right direction. I know that I won't be perfect everyday, but I have enough energy left, to go to my favorite Salsa twice a week, and also go out a few times a week, all after working in my shop 6 days a week, so what I am doing is working so far.

Everyone is different, but I do think that the addition of these 3 things, would be of benefit.

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Sounds interesting! Good to hear that something else is working well for you.

I'd been taking NAC [N - ACETYL CYSTEINE] for a few years, along with supplements to try to 'fix myself' ;-) The smell of suphur is overwhelming when the container is opened and, apparently, it is the sulphur in MSM that may well be a large factor? I'd stopped taking it because... well, keep on taking more may do harm too. After reading the link below, I'm back on NAC ;-)

Best wishes and a Happy New Year to you :-)

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Hi Linda, yes and Happy New Year to you. I have read the Mercola article a few times, in fact read loads about MSM before deciding to take it. My youngest says to me, that I smell a bit cabbagy lol, that's because it's sufur.

It really has made a great difference, no more headaches, just feel in general better. Was at Salsa yesterday, am fluid anyway, but feel extra supple, as the guys who dance with me, all said, and I didn't ask them, so they have noticed a difference in me. Am just wiggling away lol!!

I am on a high dose now, so obviously it's what I need, the lower doses, were clearing my system, but not good enough to notice a lot of health improvements. So will keep on with it, till the day that it doesn't work anymore, but I don't think that I will reach that day.

Let me know how you get on....Veronica

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Sounds great Veronica! Yes, I'd been looking at MSM and kept thinking about it. I will get back on my sulphur and read up on this. Good to hear that its working for you and you're enjoying life.

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Wow your post is giving me hope. I've been researching Black seed oil and I see excellent reviews. So I wonder if it has any reaction to t3. I'm just starting out on it.

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