Could it be estrogen dominance?

Hi guys, found this interesting page and thought I'd take the liberty to share it. Basically, it explains how thyroid disorders can be estrogen imbalances in disguise! Not always of course, but just check out that list of symptoms...And this could affect men, too!

Perhaps it might explain why 80% of thyroid patients are women??


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  • Do you know a uk stockists I want to order of that website but its added shipping from america costs alot! Sounds great!!

  • Amber....Emerita ProGest is an excellent natural progesterone cream and here is a UK site for it.

    Life Flo (name brand) also makes a good progesterone cream but I am not sure if it is sold in the UK or not. It is wise to be careful that one of the ingredients listed on the product says USP progesterone .... or... progesterone. Some of these creams are just useless yam creams.

  • Prosoothe is just what I need!!!

  • I just got there progesterone cream from amazon seems like it will help estrogen dominance

  • Brilliant website, thx

  • Just don't overdo the progesterone. Count 10 - 12 days from the beginning of your period. On that day, apply approx. 10 mgs of natural progesterone cream, alternating sites so as to avoid saturation. Apply for 10 - 12 days then stop. Your period should start within a few days. Don't be surprised if you have symptoms of estrogen dominance for one - two months. This is NOT usual but it does happen to a few women. The reason? The natural progesterone cream will be resensitizing your cell receptors to progesterone as well as estrogen for a short period of time.

    If you are in full blown menopause (no periods), just pick any two week period of each month to use the natural progesterone cream. I use it from the first to the fifteenth of each month since I am menopausal now.

    Our bodies normally produce approx. 20 mgs per day of progesterone during that 10 - 12 day period when we ovulate (produce an egg). And we are just trying to reproduce that natural cycle. But 20 mgs can be too much for many of us. Why that is? Maybe because our bodies would normally produce miniscule amts of progesterone 24/7 during this time whereas we are slapping on 10 mgs all at once? Don't know but the lower dose seems to suit most women. As with many natural things, more isn't necessarily better.

    Here is the cream I have used for twenty years. It is in the US tho they ship internationally.

    Here an excellent progesterone cream sold to the UK. Do get the plain progesterone in the tube (easier to measure 10 mgs than with a pump applicator and you don't have to be super exact).

    Edit.... I had horrible insomnia (never had it in my life before) before I started natural progesterone cream and found that if I didn't apply it at nite at bedtime, it would make me very sleepy. So.. just a suggestion to take at bedtime.

  • Wellsprings in the Channel Islands make Serenity Cream which Dr P recommends

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