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Cushings or Addisons Disease

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A few years ago I started to become ill with what looked like symptoms of underactive thyroid. The doctor did a blood test and said yes it is and gave me thyroxine. But since then and before I have had other symptoms come and go, frequently urination for a day or so, feeling very cold, back aches, headaches, no motivation, etc. A few months ago I bent over and my back went woosh and could hardly move for hours, terrible pain. Also found I had a fatty deposit lower back - called a back mouse. Now know this can be because of Cushings Disease, just as I also now know that pepole with adrenal fatigue or adrenal problems can have their back suddenly go much easier than another person can. I feel very poorly physically and mentally. A month or so ago I had an asthma attack - asthma is another illness which many say is caused by the adrenal glands not working right - I had to take steroids for six days, when I stopped taking them I went down hill with much worse back ache, I then took some painkillers and it got even worse! I have since found out that the steroids and the painkillers should not really be taken if you have adrenal fatigue type problems. Yet my research tells me that doctors might put me on steroids for life.

I wonder if this is a case of - a bit similar to thyroxine. If you need it then it helps you, but if you dont need it you get ill. Likewise if you need steroids they help you but if you dont need them or you stop taking them you get ill.

My doctor told me years ago to avoid steroids whenever possible as they can cause all sorts of problems. I often had to take them because I kept getting sinus infections. I never had a problem with them then.

My research tells me if it is not treated it gets worse and can lead to other problems.

Have ordered ashwagandha to balance the adrenal glands and see if that helps.

More research tells me that people with adrenal fatigue can lead to underactive thyroid so many this is what happened.

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I just wrote you a long reply, then accidentally erased it. In a nutshell: I just learned I have parasites. Everything you're describing is probably parasites. I was given wormwood tea, googled it & saw parasites. I've been eating diatomaceous earth (DE) (foodgrade, DO NOT breath), three drops oregano oil in a glass of water every day, & a few days ago I saw dea worms in my stool. I bought a neti pot & used pink sea salt only to find dead pink parasites (from the sea salt that dehydrated/killed them) in the paper I blew into afterwards. I use the neti pot now three times in a row, three times a day, & put coconut oil in my ears. I'll keep doing all this until a parasite cleanse I ordered from arrives (will continue the net pot). Asthma, sinus, fatty deposits, cancer (I didn't need to lose my breasts/lymph nodes) are all parasites (don't scoff, remember it was recently discovered that ulcers were from parasites). My pounding headaches, tinnitus, etc., all are better since I stopped ozone therapy which was causing too much die-off of the parasites (when they die they leave toxic waste behind which messes us up until our body can clear it out). It's been a week snce I've been doing these things & my sleep has improved from 1.5 hours at a time for 3-6 hours to four hours at a clip + one extra hour (last two nights). I'm really looking forward to the humacleanse, these parasites eat holes in our guts/capillaries, etc., they cause brain fog (I have toxoplasmosis, feline leukemia, etc., from thirty years ago working with animals but the chemo messed me up so much they're taking over).

This is gross, but multiple antibiotics from the docs will only make things worse, and you're right steroids will kill you & will only mask with a bandaid what's really wrong.

Google it all, try some essential oils or DE or something simple if you need to be convinced (try these things on an empty stomach, the parasites will be hungry & will eat the poison & you'll get a headache, etc. from the die-off). If you do have parasites, there are may websites with instructions on how to get rid of the (humaworm kills parasites + eggs of over 100 parasites, better than the dangerous antibiotics. Also helps clean your blood of the toxins from die-off).

Let me know what hapens, whether you try this or not. Good luck.

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Some people need steroids or they die. But I understand where you are coming from.But I do not have parasites. My symptoms tie in perfectly with a see saw of addisons and cushings and it also explains why the underactive thyroid followed.

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you need testing. You can't guess about these diseases. The fat hump is between the shoulder blades at the base of the neck. My daughters friend has cushings. They are totally opposite conditions..Addisons is low cortisol and cushings is high or cyclical...excuse the lack of caps.

Hi. Yes I know addisons is low - and very rare - cushings is high and common. I also know that all of my symptoms fit with it going back and forth between the two and with nothing else. I also know that either of these can lead to thyroid which I have, it all fits. You can get fat deposits around the waist with it, which I suddenly got, I also got a phrase where I just bent over and suddenly woosh an awful back ache and barely able to stand up or sit for days. This happens when the adrenal glands are fatigued. I have done a lot of research on it.

All fit with low thyroid and weight gain, from myxedema. Either way if you have Hashimotos, then you have autoimmune disease and that needs to be addressed. When you get 1 disease, you get more. There are ways to get rid of them.

What are you doing about these symptoms? Are doctors testing you? Do you have Hashis?

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How do you get tested for Addisons or cushing or graves is it anything to do with the adrenalin glands thanks

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