Patient Online Services (not)

Patient Online Services (not)

I hadn't heard of Patient Online and so googled it when a fellow poster mentioned it. To my surprise, searching further, found my GP here and noted that he accepted requests for repeat prescriptions online - hurrah !

Handed in my repeat script today at my GP. Reception staff are a lovely lot and usually so helpful and can-do. Unlike GP but that's a whole different story. I looked around reception for a poster trumpeting Patient Online and was a bit put out not to find one. So whilst I asked about my smear test ( 1st appointment end of March ! ) thought I'd ask about this, too.

Pained looks all round. My request took two receptionists to even begin. Eventually I was asked to return to complete some forms when I called for my repeat prescription. But you won't be able to get your repeat prescriptions online, said one. Oh yes, you will ! Said the other. But how ? Said the first - we never check online ! After a little quizzing it became apparent that they'd had the training for Patient Online eight months ago and I was the 2nd person who had asked to be registered from a patient roll of over 2000.

Doubtless because my single handed GP had chosen not to promote the service. Resultant in his staff having suffered eight months worth of knowledge decay, subsequent to their unpracticed training.

Didn't have a go. Just no point is there. Only my blood pressure I'm raising

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  • Rapunzel, I was able to order repeat scripts via the practice website for several years. Last year it was discontinued and patients wanting to order repeat scripts online had to register for online access to repeats and booking appointments. Access to test results and records will become available but aren't yet.

    I believe all practices will have to offer online access to appointments, repeats, test results and records by 2018.

  • Well I thought my surgery was 'difficult' but l've been able to book appointments online for several years and order repeat prescriptions. Some time last year test results started to be published online too, although I'd forgotten this and phoned last week and asked for a print-out when I could have done it myself! Seems to me it would save the staff so much time to just scan results in so we can check them and not have to answer the phone then look things up for us.

  • I thought so too, Framboise ( saving staff time ) then perhaps he'd need less staff and could use the savings prescribing NDT / T3...but I reckon that's another (not) :P

  • Rapunzel,

    I can order repeat prescriptions online but have to ring for an appointment and can only get telephone consultations unless they consider you at "deaths door" and then will allow you a face to face with the doctor.

    Test results are not available online but they always have a paper copy waiting for me behind the desk so no complaints there.! ..


  • Hi Flower - this is becoming some kind of unacceptable GP pick n mix. All the toffee pennies no-one wants will be left at the bottom of the hopper, natch and the purples ones ( anything helpful ) have long been snaffled.

    Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose...Grrr

  • I think the problem is in your first post - a single handed GP.. The NHS has been trying to be rid of them for years.

  • Really, Treepie ?

    Well, he'll be retiring soon I've no doubt. Or is that just wishful thinking ? :) I'm not minded to move as I've done it once granted years ago but I don't want this duffer passing on his prejudices.You can't legislate against it and I jolly well know it would happen.

    I long for my old GP who was a lovely person perfectly happy to 'fess up that I knew more than her about my father's illness, for eg and feel sure I would be better monitored and treated if she was still my medical professional.

  • My practice (a big city practice with about 12 GPs) uses the online repeat prescription service very efficiently. You can even get them to send it to the pharmacy of your choice to be dispensed.

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