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I usually use systm on line for meds and frequently have to show up in person at the doctors because the prescription doesn't end up at the named pharmacy. I've recently had cataract surgery and was running out of eye drops, so two days ago phoned the surgery to re order. Not possible to do this over the phone or via stystm online so got a friend to drop me off at the surgery, a mile away, in order to put in a prescription. Walked back.

Phoned surgery the next day to ask , politely, if they could speed things up. Was told that by that evening or the following morning prescription would be at the the pharmacy. Phoned pharmacy this morning, nothing.-phoned doctor from pharmacy, it's been sent. I It hadn't Eye was very inflamed far more than at any time since surgery so went to A and E No infection thank God.Was told by the pharmacy that I could buy the antibiotic drops over the counter, Optrex infected eye. Then told that prescription hadn't arrived and that they couldn't sell me the Optrex as I was under the care of the hospital. Had to go back to the surgery to get a prescription.

In that the average age of cataract surgery is 73 plus, how would most people cope?

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System online works fine for me so you need to raise a fuss with the practice manager. I had one cataract done in my late 40's and the other a decade later.

I get similar problems with my pharmacy and surgery. Their attitude is that its the patient's problem if prescriptions aren't there on time, or deliveries are made at strange times or wrong days. They don't consider that they're dealing with sick people who aren't able to do such chasing.

What a rotten experience, I hope it's better from now on!

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