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Advise on t3 dose please?


My latest labs are 3.43 tsh, free t4 22.7 and free t3 4.6 on 100mg of levothyroxine

Decided to reduce to 75mg levothyroxone this week as I have been suffering with chronic insomnia. I had the same problem the last time I moved to 100mg but I didn't have it when I was on 75mg so I am hoping the lower dose might help me as I seem to sleep better with a mid range t4 result.

I also suffer with chronic constipation which I take lactulose I am taking 400mg magnesium at night. I think this is due to my free t3 levels whxoh are always in the bottom of the range no matter the dose of Levo I seem to be on.

So I have decided to trial t3 and I have found somewhere I can order it from.

My question is how much do I start with? Do I try it in the morning with my Levo just once a day or Do it twice a day?

Then planned to retest in 6 weeks to see if I can get my free t3 up.

Thanks for your help

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Bubbap, buy a pillcutter to quarter the T3 tablet and start with 6.25mcg T3 to see how you tolerate it. You can take it with your Levothyroxine dose. You can increase T3 to 12.5mcg split into 2 doses 8-12 hours apart after a fortnight. Stick with 12,5mcg for six weeks and have a thyroid test including FT3 before increasing further.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


Thanks clutter. I have found somewhere online that sells them in 5mg? Is that good enough to start with rather than splitting a pill?


5 microgram tablets are readily available in the USA. (Not 5mg - that is milligrams, which are a thousand times larger.)

It always seems to me that 5 microgram tablets should be an excellent choice. However, do be aware, we sometimes see people feeling that five 5 microgram tablets are not exactly the same for them as one 25 microgram tablet.


Thanks for being so helpful and offering some great advise. I am on a mission now and really hoping this will start helping with the constipation. I hope this works.

All the best bubbap


Please have in mind that most of us here can't afford this US supplier. There is nothing wrong with cutting pills and taking 6.25 mcg, as it was already said here, for drastically less money.


I do have that in mind. And I don't know which supplier is referred to - though, along with others, I can make a guess.

The question was about their possible suitability given the poster had already found a source and (I assume) knows the costs. Maybe they would simply feel happier starting off on 5 microgram tablets and will, in time, switch? Of course, not knowing what dose will be needed means that it is difficult to estimate the cost or anything else. A cost-based decision might be easier to make when the requirements are better known.



Yes of course and I think splitting a pill is a very sensible idea.

I am just evaluating the options as I am pretty desperate to just get myself back on track again.

Thank you


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