Update on yesterday's post!

Ok, firstly thanks for all your replies - very helpful.

I visited the doctors this morning and suggested that I need more comprehensive thyroid testing eg t4, t3, iron, b12, vit d etc and was told that my symptoms have to meet certain criteria before these In depth tests can be approved.

I listed my symptoms, as per yesterday's post and the doc feels that my migraines are not thyroid related and has no intention of exploring my belief that They are caused by an estrogen dominance. He wants to try and reduce the number of migraines I have (whilst I continue to suffer from tiredness, dizzy spells, thick toenails etc) and so has prescribed me beta blockers - give me strength! In other words, we won't bother investigating why you have them, we'll just give you some pills that should help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was my 3rd attempt to get in depth testing done and another complete waste of time. Only option now private testing.

I did question that if my medication was correct why are my symptoms increasing? "Let's try the beta blockers first" I give up.

Exasperated is an understatement.

Has anybody else had the same problem?

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  • I have always had migraines. My GP wanted to take me off Sumatriptan and put me on beta blockers. It was equivalent to giving me a blooming sedative on top of my Hashimotos. I mean, for the love of God, why?! Why would you do that to someone who has a young family and needs to Do Stuff?!

    Your GP's way of thinking is as clear as mud I'm afraid.

    You can either go and see another GP or at least ask for a B12 test. Tell them you have an immediate family history of these things.

    Low b12 will give you horrible headaches, dizziness, tiredness. I would rule that out first tbh. I notice from yesterday's post that you have a numb tongue? This could well be b12 related (along with everything else).

    I have gone down the private blood test route. It's the only way I can get the answers I need without having to go through the frustration and angry tears of seeing a GP.

    A low b12, being hypoglycemic, being due on all contribute to my migraines.

    Sorry for being so B12 focused but it sounds very, very familiar.

    H x

  • Thanks so much for your reply. Private tests are the way ahead for me too now - absolutely no faith in gp's. I am CERTAIN somethings not right. As for beta blockers - not even going to waste my time getting the prescription!

  • Ah, good luck! It's amazing how much better you feel when you take matters into your own hands. It's very empowering! :0)

  • Heirloom, have you watched any of John Bergman's videos? I have posted his adrenal/thyroid videos many times. He seems to know about everything! Maybe you'd like to see what he says about female health and see if there is anything new to you.

  • Aw thanks! I'll plug in now and listen to him. xxx

  • I'd be really cautious about a claim by a chiropractic to know more than doctors.

    I used to be involved in medical research, for WHO, and in one of our studies the results were completely different from what we had anticipated. We published those results, in a book. I understand people having doubts about pharmaceutical companies, but don't you think we ought to take this with a big pinch of salt as well? The question that comes to my mind is this: what is the chiropractic's interest in this?

  • You certainly can be suspicious if you wish. That's how I feel about MD's at this point. But Bergman is different. He is a corrective chiropractor who taught anatomy for eight years. He offers a lot of reasoning behind his conclusions which I think is being corroborated by others. I also approve of his criticism of doctors since I followed a doctor's bulletin board for ten years who felt the same way after practicing medicine for 35 years.

    I would like to see the research study you are talking about. My son is also a PhD researcher in biomedical engineering. I will have him take a look at it as well if you don't mind.

    If Dr. Bergman has earned money through his videos and even if he comes up with supplements like Dr. Mercola, he certainly isn't charging 1000% over cost for his services as we've seen recently with the chemo pill, but I understand what you are thinking. There are many useless chiropractors out there which I have used as well, but functional medicine training is an aspect that allopathics don't seem to acquire.

    But feel free to debate anything you feel is contradictory in his videos if you can be specific.

  • I've never had migraines but it seems to always be related to some hormone imbalance. If you can't afford testing, you could try progesterone cream yourself. progesteronetherapy.com/est...

    Progesterone is a cancer protector. Estrogen is a cancer causer.

    Low progesterone also causes low thyroid.

  • Penny, if you liked the short video, this is a functional medicine perspective. They look for all CAUSES for symptoms people suffer unlike doctors who prefer to mask symptoms or let you suffer. He considers 24 different causes for low thyroid symptoms. I think you should watch them all and see if it possibly pinpoints something you can relate to. Some of them need to know test levels and cortisol is big but needs a saliva test for finding out active levels during the day.

    You can go to you tube and find the rest of his videos which are excellent.

  • Far too many GPs are totyally useless but so are the NHS cost cutting methods driving things

  • Your doctor should know better than prescribe beta blockers! If he or she won't comply then change your GP! You are a patient and do not have to match a criteria.

  • They get more funding points for prescribing beta blockers than they do thyroid hormones or vitamins.

    Beta-blockers are therefore one of their go-to prescriptions. The others are PPIs and antidepressants, depending on what you complain of. These are the ones that bring them in the most funds. Therefore, they will always try their best to prescribe one of these three pills. And, as they know nothing about the finer points of médicine, they find these sufficient for their needs - and never mind how the patient feels!

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