Hi folks, just wondering if my experience is a hypo thing or a result of this awful cough/cold.

I just keep ridiculously overheating all of a sudden. I can be sitting having a cup of tea, nothing. Then a cold drink, and I start to overheat and drip with sweat.

I was on 3 1/2-4 grains of NDT but have just dropped it for a day or two, to see if I was getting RT3 or just too much NDT. It doesn't really seem to have helped. I feel good although I suspect I will start to feel terrible from tomorrow.

The reason that I am wondering if it is the cold is that my husband has also had the same, but I am now getting better and it's still happening. Not sleeping due to the night sweats. Post menopausal and never had it this bad before.

Any comments gratefully received.

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  • Could be Menoupause, depending on your age...ask your GP to do some blood tests for you xx

  • I had blood tests a few years ago and it showed post menopausal. Doesn't explain my husband's issue either! But thanks

  • I'm male and have a similar symptom, but only in reaction to a trigger like a loud noise, stress etc. This does seem to get better as I raise my NDT dose.

  • Hmmm I don't think I needed to raise, but thanks for the thought

  • I am post menopause & for the first few years post menopause I had a lot of night sweats And the cold hot sweats in the daytime - either caused them - eg going out into the cold air or something suddenly cold caused the hot sweats or the usual things caused hot sweats.

    I had gone from drained & overtaxed adrenals to hyper adrenal & was making too much cortisone. I had to do calming for my body type things like yoga & camomile & lavender.

    That combined with making essential oil water sprays, I could stop a full on hot cold or night sweat coming on. & I layered up the bedding & bedding clothes, turned the bedroom thermostat to 19c & it got rid of the worst of the night sweats.

    A few years later now I have started taking t3 & v low dose h/cortisone to work with the t3 to help my hypothyroid, if I have even a v small increase in the h/c the night sweats come straight back.

    Another thing that causes frequent hot & cold sweats (when first post menopause) is the pituarory gland goes in overdrive trying to compensate for not making eggs anymore & affects fsh levels which causes more sweats (I read that information on the Women's health network webpage)

    I had cold sweats v frequently first post menopause or hot sweats about every 10-15 mins on bad days, it took 5years for them to really calm down. I haven't taken any hrt so I hoped it would go away naturally too! I took black cohosh root herb but it didn't really help.

    The cold your husband had may have just exasperated the number of sweats you get?

    Hope there's something useful in what I've written!

  • Thanks, Tabatha, I will perhaps mention it to my GP. I have suspected adrenals for a while, obviously he will be no help with that. I can't have hrt as I have had breast cancer.

  • Yes I tried mentioning it to my GP when discussing hrt which they would not prescribe me, I thought it might solve the cold sweats. I had more risks than benefits with hrt I'm glad now I didn't take it.

    There are nutritional supplements available to support the adrenals - I don't know all the names because I take homeopathic adrenal & thyroid support instead There's a web pages/companies like -https://www.nutriadvanced.co.uk/products/by-category/glandulars.html

    This company are one of the best ones

    Also on this web page it might be good to search adrenal support & symptons of low adrenal reserve?

  • womenshealthnetwork.com/

    This is where I first read information that helped understand what was going on!

    If I get stressed out or emotional /upset it can still cause hot sweats

    Magi cool hot weather spray also works wonders for hot & cold sweats

  • Unfortunately lots of homeopathic remedies contain phytoestrogens so they are out too. I genuinely don't think it is menopausal but I will get it checked into

  • I also have recently suffered the hot sweats just how you explain them and at 64 I never had anything during menopause. However I was recently diagnosed with b12 deficiency and given 6 loading injections.......3 weeks later and far less hot sweats!

  • Thanks, I have been taking Jarrow's B12 5000in for a while. Actually just run out but this started months before.

  • Perhaps you haven't given your new dose long enough to take effect.

  • Yes I have been on it for a good few months now. Along with selenium, D3,K2 and B12

  • Aside from thyroid meds is your husband taking any other medications, eg Ramipril for blood pressure or a beta blocker? I had the same experiences until I stopped taking Bisoprol Fumarate, a beta blocker. Very unnerving to suddenly be sweating like crazy for a few minutes then it vanishes as quick as it appeared. Weird. I also had other other 'side effects' from this evil drug including leg pains when walking.

  • He takes fluoxetine but has been on this for a few years. Nothing else.

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