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Doctors receptonists I have just requested a print out of all blood tests

Can someone out their help me with this...I have just requested all blood tests done between 12 Nov up to the present.. as I have been in hospital was diagnosed with H piylor/ colitis.. I am undergoing a colooscopy on the 20th Jan..I also requested the last thyroid test to..the receptonist told me I would not be able to attain them as she would need to see if my did would approve this..I then told her I was entitled to any blood work printouts I had done with this surgery..she very firmly told me it would be at the docs approval..is this correct???? I rceently had a 24 hour urine test done for cortisol,, on the 2nd DEC tryed my doc several times for the results to no avail then my gastro consultant told me the results it was on my notes I had a kidney why was I not informed of this..I have put this to the receptionist she came back with a loda tosh saying it is not in our system,,she also blamed me saying the sample prob would have gone to my endo',I quickly told her the sample bottle had TO BE SENT TO MY GP / All the information was clearly stated on the bottle who the results were to go to',another botch up by my doctor!!!!!!! But will they admit it---bet not



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Hey Birkie

You have a perfect right to your blood test results under the data protection laws. One of the wise ones will be along in a mo with the whole nine yeards on this...just bear in mind that you're not alone.

By the by your doctor's receptionist needs to get over herself and remember who, ultimately, is paying her salary :-)


There are loopholes in the law which allow you to get copies of your results. As a result the receptionist cannot give you them to you without a doctor's approval because she wouldn't know if any of those loopholes applied.

Once the receptionist has had time to speak to a doctor, then you should be able to get copies. Leave it a day or two, then phone up at a non-busy time, and ask if the results are ready for collection. If they aren't, just ask for them to be ready by the next day and you'll come round the next day to pick them up. Be polite. It usually helps. :)


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