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Doctors app and request for T3 test


Hi can anyone advise on the following.

I had doctors appointment today and asked her for the FT3 test. She said that they only carry out this test if TSH level is normal and because mine is raised at the moment [9.2] the correct treatment is levothyroxine only!! I

Also as my cholesterol is 19.4 with LDL level 14.9 she has referred me to a lipid specialist but also wants me to take Ezetimibe which is a non statin drug. Has anyone else had experience taking this drug looking at the patient leaflet it seems to have same side effect as statins.

I would appreciate any advice thank you 😀

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If your cholesterol is high, presumably your FT3 is low. The two are connected. And, you do not want any sort of cholesterol-lowering drug, you want proper treatment for your thyroid.

Cholesterol is not a problem in itself. It does not cause heart attacks or strokes. The body needs it, and it is made in the liver. The reason it is high is because without good levels of T3, the body cannot synthesis cholesterol correctly, and it builds up in the blood. If I were you, I would refuse 'treatment' for high cholesterol, all it does is make Big Pharma rich!

because mine is raised at the moment [9.2] the correct treatment is levothyroxine only

That, of course, is debateable. But, it is the easiest treatment to start on, until your TSH comes down to about 1 - the levo will bring it down if you're given enough of it. It's pretty certain that with a TSH of 9.2, your FT3 is going to be low, and it's much too soon to show how well you are converting. But, when your TSH gets down to about 1 or under, that is the point when you will need your FT4 and FT3 tested together to see how well you convert. And, you might have to pay for that yourself, because the NHS doesn't understand - or refuses to accept - the importance of these numbers. And, then, when you know how well you convert, that will be the time to start thinking about treatment other than levo.

However, you might be one of the lucky ones who does well on levo. There are millions of people who do. So, rather than take an exhausting stand on FT3 at this point, concentrate on things that will be of more use, like antibody testing and vit D, vit B12, folate and ferritin. One step at a time, that's the best way to advance. :)

Mazmilly in reply to greygoose

Thank you so much for your advice. I really don't want to take any drugs for my cholesterol but am getting pressure from family to take it because I have already had a stroke but I know in my own mind, and from this brilliant forum that the hypothyroidism needs treating before other symptoms can rectify.

Thanks again greygoose x

greygoose in reply to Mazmilly

You're welcome. :)

Ask your family to read Dr Malcolm Kendrick's books and blog about cholesterol and statins before the push you into taking a drug that will likely do you more harm than good. Cholesterol can't kill you, but statins probably will.

greygoose in reply to greygoose

Marz in reply to Mazmilly

When they were looking inside arteries to see what was causing the problem of atherosclerosis - they dug away at the plaque and found Homocysteine as well as cholesterol. Homocysteine is a protein and can be reduced with adequate levels of B12 - B9 and other B vitamins. At that time Statins were about to pop onto the scene and make billions for Big Pharma - so the Homocysteine was pushed under the carpet as you cannot patent a vitamin :-(

Homocysteine is often raised when B12 etc are low - as it was in my case and I had several funny turns and a bleed near the optic nerve - so now I self inject weekly.

I would ask your family to do some research about Statins - starting with Dr Malcolm Kendricks website/blog about what really causes heart disease.

The reluctance to carry out the FT3 testing is based on poor medical training - brain washing by Big Pharma and the inability to do their own research or looking around the next bend on a walk :-)

Mazmilly in reply to Marz

Thank you for that I am adamant I won't take the drug. My B12 was 322.00[187.00-883] although in range I could do with a boost. Where do you source the injectable B12 supplement?

Marz in reply to Mazmilly

You can buy on-line from German pharmacies - go the PAS Forum and search through posts - type into Search Box too. I live in Crete so can buy OTC. Versandpo is the name I think ...

Have you tried a B12 supplement to raise your levels ? Jarrow Methylcobalamin 5000 mcg lozenges for under the tongue available on Amazon. Also 1000 mcg available. Also take a good B Complex. How are your VitD levels ? Dr Sarah Myhill says the only benefit of a statin is it's anti-inflammatory effect - so why not take VitD ?

Mazmilly in reply to Marz

Have not yet tried B12 supplement but will be getting some.I have just read what Dr Myhill says and it has really opened my eyes to the travesty that is going on regarding statin prescribing/use. My vit D levels 15.7[49-90nmol/L] am now on a loading dose of 50.000iu for 6 weeks.

Marz in reply to Mazmilly

Are you taking co-factors - VitK2-MK7 & Magnesium - with VitD ? Make sure you are re-tested and take a good maintenance dose ...

Mazmilly in reply to Marz

Am taking magnesium but will introduce the other vits too


Marz in reply to Mazmilly

K2-MK7 is just one vitamin. Calcium uptake is improved when taking D3 and K2 directs it away from the arteries and soft tissue where it can create problems ...

m7-cola in reply to Marz

Oh dear! I’m afraid you are right.

Triglycerides should ideally be at lower end of lab reference range. HDL should ideally be at upper end of lab reference range. If Triglycerides is at upper end of lab ref. range, it's a sign that you need to eliminate or significantly reduce all sugars, carbs and starches.

HbA1C (blood sugar) should ideally be low.

You can always get the full printout of your lab results with the lab reference ranges.

Hi MazMilly,

did you see the lipid specialist and did you try the Ezetimibe?

My FT3 is at the top of the ref. range, but my Total Cholesterol is still above 10. Added to that, I have Corneal Arcus in bith eyes (usually attributed to chronic high Cholesterol) and I get the facial spots which are also usually attributed to high Cholestetol.

A small number of people continue to have high Cholesterol, despite taking thyroid meds and despite their FT3 being at the top of the ref. range.

My new GP is concerned, wants me to try Ezetimibe and see a lipid specialist.

Mazmilly in reply to Londinium

Hi londinium

The lipid specialist prescribed Repatha injections after my heart attack in November I have to inject every 2 weeks they are designed to control the triglycerides and so far I have not experienced any side effects. I have tried several statins including the ezetimibe but I can't tolerate the debilitating side effects. I have a blood test on Monday to check my cholesterol levels and will post when I have the results. I just want to add that when I had an increase in levothyroxine from 175 to 200 mcgs my cholesterol went down from 19.4 to 8.

It might be an idea to ask your 'e doctor if you can have the injections I have had no problems with them at all.

Hope you get sorted.

Kind regards

Londinium in reply to Mazmilly

Thanks for your reply. I'm sorry to hear of your attack. I hope you're on the mend. 🙏

So after taking the T4 your Cholesterol dropped and was no longer high?

Was your triglyceride high before and after you took the T4? I'd be very interested to know your triglyceride result and ref. range before you started taking the statins and repatha.

Thanks. 🖖🏻

The triglycerides were 14.9 mmol/L (00.00-1.70mmol/L) and total cholesterol was 19.4 mmol/L (5.00mmol/L) before the increase in dosage of T4. and when cholesterol was checked in hospital it had reduced to 8.7 (no range available). I don't know triglycerides levels at the moment but I will post new results when I have had blood test.

I am ok thank you, taking one day at a time and am on so much medication I am rattling lol

Kind regards

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