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I need your advice again!!!

Hi all. Thank you so much for your advice following my doctors refusal to prescribe T3, the good news is now that my GP is 'reviewing' his original decision. I am waiting on a verdict!!

So, to pick your brains.... Has anyone ever felt more hypothyroid following commencement of T3? I feel particularly cold and sluggish, which is not particularly usual for me in recent times, although that is how I felt when I was diagnosed four years ago. Any thoughts?

Clarycat :-)

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Are you taking UK T3 by Mercury Pharma.

Are you taking a combined dose of T4/T3 - if so what doses are you taking?


How long have you been taking the T3 with your Levo? I am in a similar situation, waiting to see if my GP will prescribe it. I had a trial of a few weeks, and initially felt a bit odd, ( hyper almost). Once I'd settled on it I felt a lot of subtle improvements, my skin and hair were better, I felt warmer, my digestion improved, I slept better ( waking refreshed in the mornings), and didn't nod off in front of the TV as often. Of course I'm back on Levo only again, and waiting to hear again from the GP, but not holding out much hope. Are they supposed to tell you in writing that they refuse to prescribe? Best wishes MariLiz


Hi there. I have been taking T3 with my T4 for about three weeks now. Starting to slowly feel better now, although still putting on weight :-( Just had final confirmation though that the GP will not prescribe T3 though, so I have to source T3 myself from now on. They are supposed to write to you explaining the reasons for refusal, which is what they did for me.


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