Pick your brains again folks

Update on my last post 2 months ago. GP wouldn't add in T3 but Endo was happy for a trial. Been taking a 10mg dose in the middle of the day and switched the 125Levo back to 6.30am. Been taking T3 for about 6 weeks now and having bloods taken on Weds. Been feeling good - sooo much better. Wonder where I go next? Should I be thinking about increasing T3 and eroding T4 accordingly? Thanks in advance for your input.

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Do you feel well enough to stay on current dose? T3 is tricky to get stable, and there is evidence that some T4 is necessary so depending on howyoufeel giving more time to current arrangement maybe best. Don't take T3 on dayofyourtest.

Aurealis Thank you. Will remain status quo and will resist any attempts to move away from current dose when results come back

Jayneywales, You may have just needed the T3 to boost your FT3 and if you fel well there's no need to increase T3 or reduce T4. If you aren't as well as you'd like to be ask for an increase in T3.

Feeling good Clutter. Back exercising (gently!) and able to loose weight. Will keep an eye on everything - was just being greedy to think maybe I could feel even better! Will resist a doctor lead reduction. Will be interesting to see the blood numbers that they are so fixated on when they are back. Thanks.

I am glad you are feeling so much better. I doubt the Endo will increase your T3 but it's worth asking if he would consider it.

Remember not to take levo/T3 before your blood test which should be as early as possible. We have to leave about 24 hours between last dose and test and to have test as early as possible.

Shaws. BT booked for 8.15am with previous Levo more than 24 hours gap and T3 18 hours gap. Should suffice? Will see what the numbers say and pitch my arguments accordingly after asking you lovely people for a view in about 10 days time! Thanks.

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