Really loud tinnitus and headache since increasing to three grains Thyroid S

For nearly a week now I've had really bad tinnitus and a headache. The only thing I can put it down to either catching a bug at a friend's gathering on Boxing Day with lots of kids ..... Or, I also upped from 2.5 to 3 grains of Thyroid S on Boxing Day. For two days I had really bad vertigo but did vertigo exercises and it is better. I haven't got a cold as such but have a slightly 'raw' throat and slightly sniffly. Ears feel really blocked tonight and neck slightly achy. Tinnitus is really loud right now and most early evenings. It's much better in the morning. I also noticed the top of my head and forehead is really warm. I'm tempted to go back to Levothyroxine 175mcg which was my previous dose for a few days. Has anyone else experienced this?

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  • My instinct would be to go back to 2.5 grains rather than go back on Levo. Having looked at your first post here, it seems you don't convert T4 to T3 very well, so to go back on something that's T4 only doesn't make an awful lot of sense.

    You could just have a bug, but while ruling that out dropping your NDT dose would seem to be a good option. It might be that raising half a grain was too much - how long had you been on 2.5 grains? When you're ready to raise again, try raising by quarter of a grain.

  • I was on 2.5 grains for 2 weeks and went up to 3 grains which was nearer to the 175gsm Levo I was taking. I'll go back down to 2.5 again ;-) I've booked a GPs appointment to see if he can spot an ear infection. Thank you.

  • tinnitus could be heart, could be allergies, whatever it is your body isn't happy & you may just be damaging yourself. You'll need patience to find what works, but I'd guess your newest change isn't working. Maybe this link can help

  • Never heard tinnitus and heart....

  • I made that up, dont know if its technically true. It's that the pounding I hear is my heart & it can get loud enough to make my eyes bounce. I have "turbulent" bloodflow (which comes from the heart) in my left carotid & probable heart problems (seeing cardio tomorrow) from pharma drugs. Tinnitus can more likely be from ear problems, dehydration, allergies, etc.

  • It's been a long time but once read that hypothyroids have an enlarged left ventricle and a lag in the rwave. How do they know that but not much else?

  • I just read that left ventricle problems are side effects of Lupron (I had five cycles) & antidepressents. Hypothyroid can be caused by no iodine & then things like bromide being put into our bread, etc. Then they push us all on antidepressants. We're bein reengineered to only be able to function on their drugs. They're tweaking us, as long as we don't go off the drugs we have a chance, thought they're still have many bugs to iron out (eugenics, IG Farben experiments). I went off the drugs, am having serious problems in all my bodiy systems that have forgotten how to function on their own. Good question you have, "how do they know that but not much else?"

  • I've never been on other drugs and make an effort to avoid fluoride, chlorine and bromides but bromides are all over....even car seats and fire retardant items.

    But I did find out that I had been affected with those side effects. I was under medicated for a long time however.

  • There's no way to avoid everything, sounds like you're doing a good job. I wish I had known. How could I have let them do chemo? And I specifically asked my gyn if Lupron would hurt me. How could I have been so ignorant??? (No need to answer, it's rhetorical).

  • I know, our own ignorance has cost many of us since we relied on others to be ethical and honest. Well, we know better now.

  • I worry because I have high blood pressure. However, my weight has come down with Thyroid S. I feel like I've had the start of a cold for a week now but it is not developing into a cold - except for the tinnitus which is really loud right now.

  • Might mean nothing, but if it puts you at ease. . . my tinniutus goes from not bad to bad. My BP is normally 90/60 & has been dipping of late down to 78/42 ("normal" say the docs).

  • There are more alternative thinkers that do not worry about so-called high blood pressure. They feel the body uses it for a specific purpose. When you get hormones under control, it will probably not be an issue. Your adrenal gland and vegus nerve determine pressure for the most part according to this man:

  • I'll respond more in a couple of days, but I want to thank you for this bit of info. My body's been going crazy, WILDLY fluctuating TSH, BP, etc., symptoms of liver & kidney serious damage but bloods mostly at extrems of "normal" range. My concept is that my body's trying to figure out how to manage without the drugs, overcompensating & overocompensating again. The whole high calcium thing (just got that) havin to do with low vitamin D may mean the body shutting down D to stop the calcium from absorbing into the body: f course those who say to take massive amounts of D to couneract it may be right, too. I want to trust in the wisdom of my body, but there are so many contradictory ideas and it's difficult to know when the body needs major assistence, a little help, or to be left alone.

  • So true! Remember though that the body will try to do the SMART thing.

    This may add to the confusion but take your time with all this. It is a lot of information.

  • I agree that the 3 grains may be too much. I would lower the dose and be checking my body temp and heart rate a few times per day. Try to take the body temp at the same approx. time each day and keep a log/diary... nothing fancy or elaborate.... and how you are feeling each day. Lots of colds and flus going around now. You might be trying to get sick?

  • Have you had a B12 test? Your symptoms could be related to a deficiency. The Pernicious Anemia Society (link below) have a checklist you can complete which might help confirm either way.


    Best of luck

  • My B12 was fine when GP tested but then I was taking Thyroid Support Formula that has B12 in it. Come to think of it I ran out of these tablets last week so have stopped taking them. I'll buy some more today. Thank you. I do love this website! Feeling supported! Thank you.

  • You're welcome, it can be helpful to keep a medication and supplement diary, when we take a few things, it can be hard to keep track and keep on top of it all ☺

  • Defoe. Thank you.

  • The test from came back 733 ng/L (range 150-883 ng/L) - mind you I do have Vit 12 in my vitamin tablets.

  • Tinnitus could be due to low magnesium or low iron, as well as thyroid. It could be linked to the vertigo (both can be ear problems) but not sure it's linked to the headache. And as tinnitus is a symptom of hypo, I doubt it's because your dose is too high. But you need labs done to be sure. Were you completely well on 2.5 grains?

    You need to get tested for :

    vit D

    vit B12 (could be cause of vertigo if low)





    All of those need to be optimal for you body to be able to absorb and use the thyroid hormone you're giving it. :)

  • I don't think my doctor will do these. Do you recommend anywhere to get tested?

  • No, sorry, I Don't know anything about private testing. But I think there's something abut it on the main page of TUK. Or, post another question asking just that. There are places where you can get them done. :)

  • Your doctor should do SOME of those tests, vav. Tell him you have felt run down lately and now coming down with a cold and wonder if you are anemic or need B12.

    Blue Horizon does private testing.

  • My son, who does not have a thyroid diagnosis (though slightly over the range T3 when tested) developed tinnitus after a bad viral infection. It could well be low iron - anaemia is linked to tinnitus. When we get infections, the body drops the iron levels - that might have happened in your case, and if your iron was already low it is possible it triggered the tinnitus.

    Did you have a sinus infection as well?

  • I used to get sinus infections and had an op nearly twenty years ago. I must say I feel sinus-y. My head feels cold like I say but not a really blocked up nose or anything.

  • Funny you should say that I have loud hissing in my ears and was told years ago it wasn't tinnitus and that Thyroid problems can give you tinnitus like condition. I have continued to get earache in my left ear and the odd vertigo bout but since about Oct last year the vertigo came and its there all the time. I've tried the exercises but I still have it in my left ear if I lie on my right side and look to my left the room spins it's like being drunk. The hissing is loud in both ears and has been so for years.

    maybe you should ask the doc to refer you to an ENT clinic?

    I've just been back to the same ENT clinic where I live and a different specialist said any noise in the ear is called tinnitus and that I had been told I had tinnitus the last time (years ago) and was offered a hearing aid but refused it. I don't recall this at all so can only assume last time the specialist was looking at the wrong results and covered it up within the paperwork. I was told I didn't have tinnitus and I don't recall being offered a hearing aid at all. In the meantime I've had years of poorly ears and sinusitis. The only thing that really helped me was to get Hopi candling done the facial massage helps drain the sinuses and ear canals and you feel so clear headed afterwards. The burning tube of waxed paper helps draw impurities out as well. Its very relaxing.

    I'm now waiting to be fitted for a hearing aid in the left ear and hopefully that will help with the tinnitus noise and vertigo as well as my hearing. They did say two hearing aids can help better with tinnitus. My brother (66) and sister (68) have two each and they get on fine with them but my mother (86) can't get hers to a point she's comfortable with. So I'm hoping mine will help me more than hinder. At least I can take it out when hubby's snoring.

    I hope you feel better soon and I for one would see the doc about your thyroid dosage and vertigo I think they are definitely linked.

    Take care.

  • Thank you Cannylass! I shall persevere with the GP. The tinnitus is slightly better this morning so I am hoping it was a virus. I've been hypo on Levo for 20 years and never had tinnitus like this before. I was more worried that because I swapped from Levo to NDT that I had screwed my system up. I hope this isn't the case because I feel better in every other way. Watch this space. Have a great day.

  • Hi cannylass, I hope the aids help you but are they supposed to drown out the tinnitus somehow? I remember my mother sleeping with a small transistor radio by her ear to drown out the tinnitus so she could sleep. It can be so annoying.

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