Nature-Thyroid vs Armour

Hi, I've been taking Armour for the last 3 years. I buy mine from America as my GP will no longer prescribe it (they prescribed it for a month!). The cost seems to have doubled over the last year and what with paying the customs charge on it I really cannot afford it. Is Nature-Thyroid similar. It's a lot cheaper. Is anyone taking it and feeling good etc? Thanks in advance for your thoughts. X

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  • Hi Jemimah, I've been taking Nature Throid since last August, when Levo stopped working and I became very ill. I am feeling really good, though not 100% yet. Should have been given it years ago, but that's a different story. I have noticed the price has gone up, which is to do with the value of the pound, I understand. Plus, there is a VAT cost added at Customs, but I guess you probably pay that too on your Armour.

  • Thanks so much for your speedy response. Armour costs £150 for 2 grains 100 tabs vs £50 for the same dosage and amount of Nature-Throid. Did your Endo prescribe Nature-Throid? I hope you go from strength to strength.

  • Hi J, I went to a private Endo, who told me my symptoms were not thyroid related and I had an 'anxiety disorder'. I am self medicating and seeing a fantastic Functional Doctor. Thanks for your good wishes.

  • Hey Jemimah I take Nature Throid, having switched from NP Acella NDT without any issues whatsoever. Worth remembering that all US NDT is USP(United States Pharmacopeia) which means that it must have a standardised amount of NDT in it; only the fillers change between brands, the same amount of active ingredient whichever US manufactured NDT you choose. Good luck :D don't go over £135 equivalent including postage, or you'll really get hammered x

  • Hi JemimahR

    Was taking Levo for over 10 yrs and my symptoms went from bad to worse. Faught for months and months to try Armour and when I eventually got it I managed 3 months before the GP would no longer prescribe it. Now order it from US normally about £140-£160 for 3 grain

    Feel so much better on Armour but all the years on Levo causes my gland to dry up !!!!! Good luck !!

  • A question to those on Naturethroid: was it not reformulated in a way similar to the way Armour was reformulated a few years back? I remember reading something to that effect on the claimed the cellulose content was increased in Naturethroid as well, making it absorb less well. I was considering at one point trying it out myself (ordering it from the US), but decided not to based on what I read on the STTM...

    I think the price of Armour is simply outrageous. It costs three times more than equivalent brands of NDT, and it does not even seem to be working as well as it used to after it was reformulated. I am surprised anyone continues to buy it.

  • I agree re the cost of Armour it is outrageous coupled with an approx. £80 customs charge. May I ask what NDT you are taking? I'm also now looking at WP Thyroid as it has less fillers. Thanks

  • The main difference between the NDTs is the fillers they are all different. Understand about Armour it is the most expensive of the NDT family.

  • I switched from Armour to Nature-Throid last year due to the price increase and I'm fine. I order double the dose and split the tablet as that works out cheaper. My endocrinologist wrote to my GP about 6 years ago asking them to prescribe Armour for me and they refused so I get it myself from USA. They hadn't even heard of it then said it wasn't a licenced drug and they only use evidence based medicine etc etc. I just couldn't be arsed arguing with them anymore so I get it myself. I'm a single Mum and not flush with cash but I could not do without it. Without NDT I know from experience after struggling for years on Levothyroxine I wouldn't be able to work or look after my family.

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