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Lichen Sclerosus?

Anyone here had any experience of this? I think I have it and it seems to flare up when I'm feeling paritcularly hypothyroidy and my medication probably needs increased.

Also, I've been trying to get my medication right for like two years now and whenever it seems to level out (even though all my symptoms are not gone) it only lasts for a while then over the course of a few months my TSH will start to climb again. My doctor said something last time that suggested this might be indicative of Hashimotos but I haven't had my thyroid antibodies tested. Is this something I should ask for at my next appointment?

I have read a little about Lichen Sclerosus and it's described as autoimmune and there seems to be a suggested link with autoimune thyroiditis (Hashimotos). This is alos making my think I've probably got Hashi's.

Am i way off base here? Is the treatment any different for Hashi's? Am I more likely to see an endocrinologist if it is Hashi's?

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If it's Hashimotos, treatment is the same, although the antibodies cause additional problems..... I Read somewhere that they are responsible for malaise and inflammation. Best to try and reduce antibodies by going gluten free if possible.....

I was sent to gynae who said i might have lichen scleroses. She gave me really strong steroid ointment. which at first seemed to help, but after a year i decided that the improvement versus the ointment possible side effect was not worth it. I carried on feeling uncomfortable for a while then saw an episode of embarrasing bodies where the woman had the same problems..... I went to my doc and it turns out that the gynae thought i should see a dermatologist and had written to the doc a year earlier. However, the docs don't do anything until the patient asks.

I got a referral from the doc in august 15 and i have an appointment for march 2016..... But in the meantime, i decided to see a dermatologist privately... ( With testing, the whole thing cost me £245.) Turns out i have candida overgrowth so have been dealing with it by cutting out all sorts of stuff, getting to grips with my blood sugar and taking diflucan.....

It would be useful to know your antibody level so that you can be prepared for further auto immune stuff.... The doc can arrange a test, failing this you can get one done privately. See testing on the home page....

Xx g


Ahhh I found your reply interesting as I have been under the impression that I had candida overgrowth for a while. However, I now have a bad reaction to Canesten and it actually doesn't seem to help, on looking back I don't think it ever helped really as I suspect (in the opposite way to you) that my problem has been Lichen Sclerosus rather than candida/thrush/yeast.

Hopefully later this year I will have a much better paying job so I may well go the private route for both the thyroid and the skin thing (just can't afford it at the moment) but until then I think I'll ask my doctor about both. I'm pretty sure this is LS though. Apparently my immune system just hates me!

Good luck with your candida stuff. xx

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The canesten cream hasn't helped me and the dermatolgist said not to use it.... She said in her letter to me that i should use diflucan tablets for candida overgrowth and that is was notoriously difficult to treat. that was it.... No other advice at all...... :-(

G x


I'm finding that Vagisil helps a little with the pain of the cracked skin (sorry tmi) but it's canesten tablets (which I think are diflucan) which I can't take - they make my lips swell up to the point that the skin breaks and I look like I'm recovering from a mouthful of coldsores!!

When I had a big flare up a couple of years back I thought it was Candida and removed all yeast and sugar from my diet. Needless to say I haven't sustained that because it's really difficult - there are Candida diets out there though if they're sure that's what you have.

I do still use Stevia rather than sugar though which is one good discovery I made when tryin to remove yeast and sugar!


Forgot to say what has been really good is washing only with dermol 500 antimicrobial emollient. ( anazon or ebay). And moisturising with hydromol. ( i used hydromol intensive). The moisturiser is great and its got rid of my turkey skin neck too! Both these recc by the dermatologist.

Stevia..... Yuk.... I really dont like it. We use vagisil on the dogs tummy when it gets itchy.... He doesnt seem to object... It numbs it for him so he doesnt bite it. Dog is allergic to fleas, ants, washing powder.. Everything.

G x

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Have you tried Emuaid /Emuaidmax cream. Google it.

The reviews look promising. Sorry, I can't post the link.



No i haven't but will go and take a look.


G. X

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I have Lichen Sclerosis verified by biopsy which it should be, as you can't diagnose it without. I don't have Hashimoto but low fT3 and hypo symptoms.

I can recommend LDN (low dose naltrexone) which is an immune regulator and has amazing effect on autoimmune disorders. I take it for fibromyalgia and lichen sclerosis. It's without side effects (or just few and passing) and it's cheap.

You can get really good info here:

As for local treatment for LS I can highly recommend coconut oil which is anti bacterial and anti fungal and doesn't have side effects. You can google coconut oil for the many health benefits. I would strongly warn against various desinfecting ointments as it will disturb the natural balance of good bacterial flora which is vital especially to avoid fungal overgrowth. Coconut oil doesn't disturb this balance.

If you have LS you should have an annual check as there is a slight risk of developing cancer.

Wishing you all the best!

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