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Gluten symptoms ?

I fell off my clean and healthy diet over Xmas which included gluten. Didn't seem to get any adverse reactions for several days but today my feet are puffy, a symptom that started as soon as I started ndt (maybe a t3 issue) and a wee bit of leg burning. Both symptoms have had a long absence.

Just wondering if there might be a connection, in which case, go back to Go...which I probably have to do anyway

..sigh..wholemeal sourdough...it were delishus.

Happy New Year x

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I'd start again, sounds like it is worth it. At least you enjoyed the bread. I'm like you - I miss lovely bread - and pastry - and fruit scones.

I'm checking my blood sugar before and after every meal at the moment (T2 diabetes) and I notice my favourite GF oat bran muffins spike my readings massively so even GF versions of those sort of carbohydrates are a thing of the past for me.

Happy New Year🎉


I was suffering regular hypoglycemic episodes recently, building up over a few months to the point where i was force feeding myself every hour or less. Fast forward..thyroid replacement got in a mess and I eventually went too low followed by awful reflux followed by something like a gastric flu or infection. I could barely eat forcing the smallest morsels down because I was frightened of going hypoglycemic. Three days lounging around on a couple of tiny snacks and when it was over my blood sugar felt almost normal. I don't know what the confection was, if any, or t3 empty tank issues when active, but indulging in grains and sugar over Xmas has stirred it up again. I had arrived at no grains or sugar, apart from black quinoa and black Venus rice, making fresh nut flour for each bake. N then I went and spoiled it all........ Good luck with managing yours, hopefully you might reverse it?

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For me it is not that I really believe I have a gluten problem but I stay off it for obvious reasons... along with rice, potatoes, pasta [even though there is meant to be a way to eat pasta - cook, cool down, reheat = apparently making it 50% more starch resistant but this is just so worthless as food!] as part of a very low carb strategy.

I've a DVD called 'Cereal Killers'... a guy lying in a coffin covered in grains ;-) There is so much info around now on why grains are not maybe so good as we were led to believe. Very rarely do I think about them now, let alone miss them... hmm sour dough ;-)


I did not know about the starch resistance trick with pasta.....OK in a pinch or craving for a spag bol.....I do a mean quorn mince version. I do do black Venus rice and black quinoa, the latter is incredibly crunchy and works well in grain free baking. I use both for the nutrition and they don't make me spike.


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