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Advice please

Hi as my previous post mentions I've just started taking chelated iron first thing In the morning. And within an hour I feeling like I've been drinking or drugs my head starts spinning and I feel like I'm going too collapse this morning had too Lie down as I felt like id pass out but I felt really awful felt like my legs were pulsating and started feeling like I wanted too be sick this made me panic and I've asked my husband home from work. But its mostly passed again now my heads a bit wishy washy but overall its passed. What on earth could it be in the iron its 27mg elemental iron ferrous bisglycinate vegetable capsule vegetable cellulose vegetable magnesium stearate.

My husband thinks its a shock too my system and I'm finding it very scary and booked gp for 4pm advice please

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Hope you got an answer. I dont know but aside from over replacement one can have an allergic reaction, apparently.


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