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Feeling under the weather all the time

I have Graves and was on block and replace for just over 12 months. It's coming up a year since I've been "in remission" but for the past 4 months I can count on one hand the number of days I've felt normal. I've got so used to feeling ill that's,almost for me the norm now. I'm never really ill but constant headache, cold symtoms, tried so day to day it's a drag. Does anyone else experience this. I don't know if it's Graves causing this and what I can do to help. Many thanks

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I am hypo so don't know much about hyper but I would suggest getting a blood test from your GP as I do know that you can get a repeat hyper and some have to go on block and replace several times.

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Hi, I've been in remission from Graves for a couple of years now and I haven't felt like you. At the moment I've got that awful cough thing that's going around where we live but I feel pretty much how everyone else who had it is feeling. I was having a break from the 1000mcg vitamin C I had been taking every day since before my Graves kicked off and to be honest I blamed that because this is the first cough / cold bug thing I have had for years.

It would be worth doing what shaws recommends and having a full thyroid blood test. Ask for ferritin,folates,B12 and Vitamin D as well and see what they say.

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Hi mrsclipclop

I have just seen your post I'm both sorry that you are feeling unwell but also relived that I'm not alone I have been in so called remission since July but I have never felt normal even during treatment when endo discharged me he just said well it's not your thyroid that is ok now I'm beginning to feel really sad won't tell GP that because I know they will just say depressed but I'm not depressed in fact I have always been known as a very positive person so feeling sad because I'm always tired or in pain is not depression any one would feel sad I really don't know what to do next I just keep trying keep going because what else can we do

Here's yet hoping that in 2016 things will improve

Big hugs

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