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Feeling anxious

Hi guys , just diagnosed with Graves' disease , well still to see consultant and get more blood tests done! This has been the worst weekend I've ever felt so ill !!constantly over heating even if I'm lying still and racing heart !! How do ease the hotness, the only thing I find helps is standing outside! Pretty scared it will do me a lot of harm! Also am very underweight and feel really unattractive:-( Still in shock etc any advice would be much appreciated

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Have you been prescribed anything to help you with your racing heart?


No not yet, seeing go In morning!


Ok, well it's likely you will be prescribed Propranolol, this drug will help with the rapid heart beats and anxiety as well. So you only need to get through the night and your GP will help tomorrow. Remember though if you get any chest pain you dial 999 or at least 111 for advice, but really chest pain needs 999.

To try to manage the anxiety is difficult, you need to concentrate on something that really takes all your attention. This will be something different for different people. Me, I get off to sleep eventually, by listening to music and singing along (in my head so not to wake my better half) others might do some sort of puzzle or exercise or play a computer game (that increases my anxiety) it's got to be something you concentrate on so much that it takes your mind away from the anxiety feelings.

Having said all that you really need the meds as with too much thyroxine circulating your body is in overdrive.

You don't say how old you are but, unless you are elderly or have a heart condition, your high heart beat shouldn't cause damage.

I'm no expert though but this is knowledge gained from experience.

Try not to worry. If you can't sleep it would be a good idea to write your questions down, then take them with you to the Drs tomorrow.

Good luck tomorrow.


Thank you for replying, went this morning, have been described propranolol slow release and seen consultant Thurs! T4 was high, got tested for antibodies and repeat blood test!


If you put Graves' disease in the search box on here you will find other conversations which may help.


Good luck at gp. I to was diagnosed with graves/hyper. I had beta blockers to calm the shakes and my racing/thumping heart. They will work almost immediately and help towards the anxiety of the horrible sensations.

There are lots of people on this site who understand and help so keep in touch and don't feel your on your own.

good luck today x


Thank you for replying, went this morning, have been described propranolol slow release and seen consultant Thurs! T4 was high, got tested for antibodies and repeat blood test! Are u better now?


Glad you got Propranolol. I had them and they were a lifesaver. Good luck with appointment on Thursday. I have a few issues but not sure if it is Thyroid or Menopause (Im 49 next month). I am having a load of blood tests on Thursday to check everything out. My last two thyroid blood tests showed I was a low end on one and high end on the other - so it's not settled as yet. I have slight shaking, weight gain and heart pounding, but it can be either so have and see what Thursdays blood results say.


Hi Chris, I'm glad you are getting sorted. I hope you got through the night ok. My son has an over active thyroid, I can remember when the Dr told him his symptoms were anxiety. He was stood with his arm around me and I could feel him shaking, we both knew it wasn't anxiety. Anyway, he has been on carbimazole for quite a while now and is doing ok.

If you have any bloods done always ask for a copy of the results, then if there is anything you are unsure about you can post the results on here and get advice.

Good luck


Hi again results back! T4 37.4 and antibodies high 68iu/m!!! Can anyone advise please


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