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Just been prescribed B12 tablets - how long do they take to work?

Last week I was posting in the Thyroid section of this site – my GP reduced my thryroxine, I started to feel unwell, so I had a blood test. The test results came back showing my thyroid levels are fine. But apparently the B12 result arrived back at the surgery a few days after the other results (?) and it showed I’m low in Vitamin B12.

Doctor has prescribed B12 tablets, told me to see how I go, and if I don’t feel better by the end of Jan, to come back, have another blood test, and she may consider B12 injections. Fair enough – a problem has been identified and I’m being treated.

My symptoms are weird (although quite typical according to Google) fatigue, feeling faint and a bit dizzy. My ears are also ringing slightly. I was beginning to think I’d got flu.

I’ve only been taking supplments for 24 hours, so I’m not expecting to be doing cartwheels just yet, but can I expect to be feeling a bit better by Christmas? Feeling faint and dizzy is making it hard to go about my usual routine, although I’ve been prescribed Stemetil, and that’s helping a lot.

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Sorry - this was supposed to be in the Vitamins and Minerals section, can anyone move my post please?


Petal02, you can alter the category by clicking on the v down arrow underneath your post, go to Select a Topic and scroll down to Vitamins and Minerals.


Petals02, what was your B12 result and how much B12 has your GP prescribed?


Ah, I didn't ask about the B12 results, but I'm off to collect my prescription tonight, so I'll post again when I know how much has been prescribed.


Petals02, ask the receptionist for your B12 result when you collect your prescription.


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