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Time to ditch the covers

Procrastinating again it's too dark to be morning. Got a demanding 5 year old in bed nagging n grabbing at me, creating new bruises the joys of being a mum. Got another full day at work 8-9:30 asked to go part time was told no. Good job I make coffee n sit n nag for a living else I d be suffering a lot more than I do. I haven't had leg cramps for a few days don't know why but I got some decent sleep whoooop. Going t close my eyes now n go bk to my sunny planet and stay there sprawled on the beach. My body may be at work but my minds on hols. Have an amazing hopefully pain free day guys xxxxxxxxx

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Thanks for posting, Treewade. I'm sorry there were no replies. I think I'll visualise myself on a Caribbean beach and splashing around in a balmy sea drinking rum punch :)


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