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I have just joined so I will tell you a little about myself I have had underactive thyroid for 20 years about 7 years ago I was diagnosed with coeliac disease and 3 years a/fib all supposedly under control The reason im writing the post is the thing that worries a lot of us is the weight I seem to be putting on and cant get rid of I eat a healthy diet although I do like the odd piece of cake and a very watered down glass of wine I go to the gym 4 or 5 times a week and walk for at least a hour every day and work the weight seems to be collecting on my tummy so anybody got any advise on how to lose it and suppose I better tell you I will soon be 60

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Yup. Stop going to the gym. Hypo weight has nothing to do with exercise, so it won't help you, but may harm you.

The first thing you're going to need to do is to get complete labs :






vit d

vit B12



If your doctor is just testing the TSH then he has no idea if you are optimally dosed. TSH is a pituitary hormone and very unreliable. FT4/3 are the thyroid hormone and they both need to be tested together to see if you are converting - I take it you are on levo only - how much? We need all the details to be able to help you.

TPOab and TgAB are antibody tests. You need to know if you have autoimmune thyroiditis, because if so, gluten-free might help you (no cake, I'm afraid!) and might also help you lose weight.

And then there are the nutrients : vit D, vit B12, folate and ferritin. These are the basics and they all need to be optimal for your body to be able to use the hormone you're giving it. If any are sub-optimal, you need to supplement them, or you will be unable to lose weight.

I very much doubt if your doctor will test even half of these - they rarely do - so it would be a good investment in your future health to get private tests. You can get all that lot done with a finger prick test (details on the main page of TUK). When you get the results, post them on here, with the ranges, and let us see what's going on. Whatever you do, no low-calorie diets, though, because they are counter- productive. You need plenty of protein and plenty of good fats! :)


Hey I make awesome GF and dairy free cake!!!

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Sounds more like an omelette...

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Haha greygoose if you are ever in Somerset give me a buzz and I will make you a gf and dairy free chocolate and banana "omelette" the proof of the pudding is in the eating......


I'm sure it is, and I was just joking. But, I am never, ever likely to be in Somerset. Or anywhere else, really. My travelling days are over, I'm afraid. I'm just a home-body, now. :(


Oh I feel for you, is that through your thyroid? Luckily I'm still able to work part time and keep my allotment going, I'm lucky to have a wonderful husband who picks up my slack so to speak. He is a Coaliac hence my gluten free amazingness..... I made him some gf cheese scones last weekend, "died and gone to heaven were his exact words" if I though they would keep I would post you one I may experiment 🤔

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lol Those cheese scones sound wonderful!

Yes, my thyroid, coupled with my age, coupled with other health problems (that makes a ménage à trois, doesn't it?). Never mind, I've been to a lot of places in my life.

You and your husband sound very lucky to have found each other!

My apologies to jesse-james for squatting her thread! :D


Yes sorry Jesse-James all things cake! I forget where I am!!!

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Hi I am coeliac too...could you private message me with your recipe for gf cheese scones and the cake you mention? Thanks in advance



You could read "the immune system recovery plan" by Susan Blum

Quite likely you have Hashimoto's, as you already have coeliac. As Greygoose says, if your GP won't, then best to get a full blood test via Blue horizon - thyroid plus eleven checks all these.

If you need Vit d supplements, as your have coeliac, you might find oral vitamin D mouth spray more effective than vitamin D tablets via gut (due to poor absorption caused by coeliac )

I assume, when you say you like cake, you mean gluten free cake. It does need to be absolutely 100% gluten free, all the time.


hi everyone thankyou for your replies I take 150 of thyroxine 1.25 bisoprolol 100 flecainide when needed top up iron tablet top up vit d and im on a totally G/F diet stopping going to the gym is not a option because its helping with my heart arrhythmia I do think the private blood test is the way to go and the high protein diet is worth a try and can you get the vit d spray from any chemist will keep you all updated many thanks for all your help


jesse-james, if you just click on the reply button at the bottom of the page, no-one will know you've replied. You have to reply to each respondant individually be clicking on the green 'Reply' button at the bottom of the post in question - as I have done here.

In what way does going to the gym help with your heart arrhythmia? The arrhythmia is probably caused by low T3, anyway, so it doesn't make any sense to lower your T3 even more by going to the gym. You're in a bit of a vicious circle, there.

I didn't say a high protein diet, I said plenty of protein. Too much protein isn't good either. But, do make sure you get plenty of good fat : butter, animal fat, nuts, avocados, olive oil, etc. Avoid processed seed oils.

And, you really do need to get those labs done that I listed above. The Beta-Blocker you are taking could be affecting your conversion. Make sure you take it at least two hours away from your levo.

Do you have results for your vit D, etc?


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