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i need h through it help if someone who maybe going

hi all i am having many problem which i cant find answer too, firstly if i get respond to this why do i retrieve it

i have been visiting my doctors but it is useless and i get the feeling there dont want to help me,. i have parathyroidism i have had so much aches and pain in my body that i cant cope with anymore. if i go there i get a blood test form and i go get my blood drained and nothing comes of it. my fingers are painful where if i am trying to use the phone it will drop and sometimes i am scared of using cup im case the tea drop of me.

my hip hurts if i walk my legs, feeling they will give away, aching so much that i cant sleep. recent blood test i had that my uric acid but no treatment, so the doctor tells me i need lose my weight i am telling him i cant walk no more then 10 minutes if i do then i am absolutely useless, my sciatica kicks in which is unbearable to move, i end up take co-codomal just to give me some comforter.

never ending problem since the op. the doctor says i will feel better if i can lose some weight but there are failing to listen to me that before i was losing my weight until i had these issue which makes it impossible to continue so i am looking for answer, secondly how do i go about finding out how to get second opinion on my situation or do i have to leave my currant doctors or can i have the second opion without leaving the doctors until i am sure of the condition i am going through, i feel neglected, depress and hopeless no way to end this pain that i dont enjoy myself. i am 46 now.

please help me with any info most appreciated.

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We generally don't know very much about parathyroid issues.

You might find this site useful:

Or this USA site:

Both will take a lot of effort for you to get the most out of them, I'm afraid.


Hi jannah, you should get an email stating you have a response and give you a link to the reply so you can read the entire response. I just looked parathyroidism up with Google and found this:

It seems the only cure is to remove the one (of four) glands that has an overgrowth of cells and thus sends out too much calcium. This is a very serious condition and needs immediate treatment.

Are you in the NHS? Maybe we can't offer much in the way of treatment but if you tell people where you live and ask if they can recommend a GP or surgery in your area. I do not live there but I'm sure you can see a different GP. Do Endocrinologists look at parathyroids? Get a referral to one. Don't be put off.

You can respond to any reply by clicking on "reply" and Submit reply.


Thank you for your help...


I'm glad you see how this works. I love your photo of echinacea (cone flower). I take it once in a while. Will you try to find another doctor? You could post again and make your headline something about finding a good doctor and mention the area you desire.

You should not go on feeling this way.

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Thanks for loving my's beautiful...I love nature but this one caught my eyes.

Yes its a good idea in my next post I should mention looking for good doctors in my areas.

I really appreciate what your doing for me.


Jan, please stay with us. I've been here for years and know we are almost in a war against the medical profession and determined to help each other. Of course, we know lots more about thyroid then parathyroids and you probably can't treat yourself for that. But the people know about the NHS so ask those kinds of questions in your headline and perhaps you can find ways to work around this terrible problem.

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Wow so much to read, sometimes I am thinking that I don't get the same attention and I didn't know it was that serious...I can feel the pain in my body.

My hips there are grinding the pain is so bad and low back also the side of my back.

I am going have to read these info make note and try to see if my doctors can take me serious.

Thanks once again


Yes, you have too much calcium and it is not good. I don't know why they haven't recognized the seriousness.

When taking vitamin D3 supplements, this often raises calcium so they advise taking K2 along with the D3. This puts calcium where it belongs so it isn't causing problems in the bloodstream. If the articles mention that, it might be a good idea to order some in the meantime.

So you don't know if you have a parathyroid tumor?


Doctors told me that I need to buy my own vitamin D now reading your info I could be causing more problem if I am not checked. What is k2 and where can I get them.

This is really helping me by reading the info u send. Thanks


K2 is a vitamin. There is a lot of it in spinach for one and some is grown in cheese if they use it in the making.

Here are a few types. I click on the reviews (little yellow stars) and read what others have said about it and why they bought it. They all have bought the product and so are allowed to write a review.

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Thank u


I am now enjoy reading and checking the link on k2.

Really good info thank you for your help and been there just hearing me out.


I've also been reading which I've done for twenty years. I've always been curious and lately I have decided one doctor who said the body is always trying to make things right is really telling the truth. So if your parathyroid is enlarging, there is a good reason for it. Here is where doctors fail to follow through. Maybe you do need to remove a bad one but maybe you need to correct something else instead. I will often look at You Tube for answers as well. I don't know how much computer time you have and/or know about but it's been useful to me. If I come up with anything, I'll get back to you. Best wishes!


Jannah, I'm very sorry you are feeling so bad. If you contact the

above links they will know who a good Specialist is for you to consult so just say to your doctor, please refer me to ????? and he/she should do so.

They shouldn't palm you off. You were advised to have this op and I've looked at your previous post 3 years ago and at that time you were wondering whether or not to have the op. Reading the above you have had it but are no better and are left to struggle on your own with a lot of clinical symptoms.

I have read this article re the parathyroid and it can lead to either hypo-parathyroidism or hyper-parathyroidism.

On the column on the left there are topics which might be helpful too.

Have your doctors checked your calcium levels.

I hope you get the help from the sites linked above and you get the name of a specialist you can be referred to. Don't listen to the doctor who talks about your weight etc. They blame everything on weight whereas it's obviously because you are so unwell and they don't know how to make you better - it's an excuse.

Best wishes.

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It's so good to have someone taking there time to help thank you very much.


I will have to try my best to get through to these doctors,I feel they have let me down in simple things like blood test,sending me to specialist it won't kill them to send me.

I feel like 100 year old,I can't sleep or turn becuz my hips are killing me. My mid section feels so heavy to turn.

Thank you for help too.


I remember my doctor was given me print out on fibromyalgia saying I should read that to see if I have it then I will be given a treatment...I was shock.he don't want to send me off where I need to go but wants me now tell him what he wants to hear. Shame it is. If I can't get through to them I honestly feel for those elderly who get pushed around like some lab rat.


Which link are you talking about i can't see anything unless I've missed a message.


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