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Erfa Thyroid?

Is it any clearer now if Erfa was indeed reformulated and, as a result, is no longer working as well? I have several batches expiring in 2017, both 30, 60, and 125 mg pills, and they seem fine. Therefore, I was wondering if it could have been a temporary problem that's now been resolved? Those of you on Erfa, are you happy with it, or are there still problematic batches out there?

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I also have batches expiring in 02/17 and, so far, they seem ok...I really worry about what to do if, for some reason, they, or other batches, start giving me problems...only Armour and Erfa are readily available in Belgium where I get my meds. Armour does not work for me; I have given it so many chances, and always with the same results:-( I am not wasting any more money on it...on 5 grains of Armour, my labs looked the same as on thyroxine only, with very low FT3 levels, so I have decided it just does not work for me. Erfa, on the other hand, has put my FT3 levels in the upper normal range so far.

Thai thyroid is always an option; I have tried Thiroyd in the past with good results. It actually seemed just as good as "old" Erfa. However, I would have to order it from Thailand, and I would always worry about customs confiscating the shipment...I have found a UK supplier of Thyroid-S, which many seem to like, but I have to admit the long list of fillers (especially aluminium) would make me hesitate to take it...I cannot for the life of me understand why all those fillers would be necessary?!


Another thing that would be interesting to know: are there any patient of Thierry Hertoghe's practice in Brussels here and, if so, are they still prescribing Erfa? They used to prescribe Armour, then switched to Erfa after Armour's reformulation, and I have been wondering if they have noticed any problems with Erfa...

It seems that whatever the Hertoghe doctors prescribe is what the pharmacies carry (now, I am referring to the few pharmacies in the Brussels area where those doctors send their patients; I doubt all Belgian pharmacies carry NDT...). Ten years ago, they all carried Armour. Now, they carry Erfa, and some of these pharmacies don't even carry Armour anymore (one pharmacist even told me it's not being manufactured anymore...).


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