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pulse racing

cant win

i ony posted a few days ago abut it being slow

today its hanging high 80's

i had a cough and cold last week that cleared up

yesterday went back down with a cold

kept me awake all night with severe thirst and unable to breath

today im exhausted, thirsty, very weak, aching , short of breath, pounding head

not sure if its down to the cold or not

but i feel awful

anxiety very high

throat getting very dry suddenly to the point its rescricting breathing until i drink

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I hope you are drinking plenty of fluids as most times we don't hydrate our bodies efficiently to get rid of any toxins etc.

I'm sorry you are developing more symptoms and it is very unpleasant. One step forward and two backwards it would seem. If you put a very small dose of unrefined sea salt in your drinks it might help and also gargle.


Our temp/pulse raises in order to try to prevent - excerpt:

Hi Michael

Your heart rate will go up if you're sick especially if you have an infection, it does this to try and fight it off! I had pharyngitis (sp) when I was in my 20's and we had to call doc out as I was so bad, I whispered in her ear that my heart was racing and I was frightened, "she said that was perfectly normal and that she would worry if it wasn't beating fast.

It is only doing it's job, so please try not to worry, it will go down as soon as you are better."


im drinking what i can as throat has started to hurt when swallowing, painful glands beneath both ears

i have celtic sea salt so will add that to water

i really hate the fast heart rate makes anxiety much worse

just a vicious circle, i start to feel ok then heart starts pounding and then im feel anxious and sick


When I had palps on levo. I found that sipping ice cold water (not that you could do that with sore throat I think). I also put round my neck a very cold wet (wrung out well)towel round neck.

Also, hint from cardio, take a deep, slow breath and fill lungs, then hold and press down into stomach and let breath out. Do a few times. It helped slow mine. I hope it works. This is from a link:

Understand that heart palpitations are a very normal part of having an anxiety disorder and stress in general. When they happen don’t over think things and start jumping to conclusions. Instead, try some of the techniques outlined above and try the best you can to not shock yourself with fear. I hope this helps.

I think it's when we are hypo and not yet on hormones which suit that's what happens to us. When I had T3 added I improved and palps reduced. Stopped altogether on T3 only.



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