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anxiety/panic attacks related to thyroid ?

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I have hypothyroidism and was wondering if there is a connection between the thyroid causing anxiety and panic attacks. im in the 'range' but still have alot of symptoms and never felt well. whats everyone else's view on being in the range, to me i think my thyroid is still not right.

my symptoms are:

chronic fatigue, panics and anxiety, random adrenaline rushes, heart palps, shakes/tremors, weight gain, neck is always swollen around the glands.

im trying to research and learn as much as i can about the connection between the two. does anyone have similar experiences/symptoms. Would love to hear about it.

thanks, Gem


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Hi Gem

Do you have antibodies? TPO antibodies are the market for autoimmune type of hpothyroidism

The swelling and the bouts of shaking and adrenaline could be your thyroid trying to work and sometimes working and pushing you hyper.

Or it could be an adrenal issue

Google Dr Wilson's Adrenal fatigue Questionnaire and do it.

Then if you score high go back to your GP with the results and tell her/him that you think you have an adrenal complication and you'd like to be tested.

In the meantime give up gluten, don't eat anything you cooked in a plastic container, filter your drinking water, stop all alcohol and see if you start to feel better.

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gemgem92 in reply to Redditch

Hey I did the test, I scored 92. I had private bloods done back in March and a cortisol test that spiked very high at lunch time. I took all these to my gp and mentioned about the adrenals, they sent me to an endo which I had last Friday, he told me there's nothing wrong with me that my symptoms aren't real and it's not an endo issue. He said I'm in range with my thyroid and this was blood results done from earlier than march this year aswell. I've cut gluten and dairy out and avoid plastic meals. Cook from scratch and i dont drink. I do notice I feel slightly better. I don't bloat and have a little more energy. What I will do is reply again but I will show you what the Dr from blue horizon reported from the bloods they did. I'm not sure if I can attach a picture so will send you what he said. Thank you :)

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Redditch in reply to gemgem92

your endo is an idiot... unfortunately most of them are, they can't even do a simple clinical examination, take your pulse, temperature, check your reflexes and look at your eyebrows.

ask doctor again for a prescription? you are pretty typical hashimotos patient. I packed in my job thought it was menopause and couldn't cope with Eastenders because of the shouting, loud noises scared the shit out of me and I was in a real mess like you.. they put me on levo, I got worse and worse and eventually went private and saw an endo that put me on Armour...

What's your plan? buy some DHEA 25 and take that?

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gemgem92 in reply to Redditch

I would love to go private. Just need to get the funds together. My gp is trying to see if they can prescribe it but again unlikely if it costs too much for them. I'm the same, especially with loud noises. Makes me go into a panic if it proper catches me off guard as well.

Tbh I'm gonna have to wing it. Not sure what too do. I'm gonna have to research more into it and hopefully find something else soon as.

How do you find being on armour ?

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gemgem92 in reply to Redditch

This is what the Dr from a private place said about my blood results. I'm not sure if you can attach images on here, still new so working everything out 😁

The lymphocyte count (and therefore the total white cell count) is elevated - a state known as lymphocytosis.. Lymphocytes are involved in defending the body against infection, and increased numbers will be seen if any infection is present. Specific causes include inflammation of the bowel (such as colitis) and tuberculosis. I think it would sensible to discuss this finding with your usual doctor.

There is a rise in the eosinophil count (eosinophilia). This is probably not significant, given the very small increase, but it is worthy of comment that a rise in this level is associated with allergic conditions such as asthma, and infestations associated with the tropics (e.g. tape worm). Repeat testing in a few weeks’ time would be useful to check the levels were reverting to normal, but I would not say it is essential unless you have any symptoms of concern.

The adjusted calcium level (the true level of calcium in the blood) is low. Hypoparathyroidism is a common cause of this situation - this is a deficiency of production of parathyroid hormone (PTH) from the parathyroid glands (located in the neck near the thyroid gland). Other causes include malnutrition, low albumin and high phosphate levels. Ricketts and osteomalacia (both of which result from long term Vitamin D deficiency- not the case here) can also lead to low calcium states. I advise you to discuss this finding with your usual doctor at your earliest convenience as further investigation will be necessary.

The ferritin level is on the high side, but the rise is small and probably acceptable. In addition to excess iron supplementation, raised serum ferritin can be a sign of inflammation or infection. Less commonly, higher ferritin levels can result from damage to bone marrow or liver, genetic conditions, following blood transfusion, and in chronic anaemias such as thalassaemia.

This result demonstrates expected levels of hormones for the follicular phase (when the egg is beginning to develop in the ovary) - which suggest that there is potentially normal ovarian function. If more information is needed, a day 21 progesterone level (21 days into a normal 28 day cycle) would give a good indication of whether or not you are ovulating (releasing an egg during a cycle) as the levels are much higher when an egg is released from the ovary.

Hey bud, how long have you been on your meds? If you go to my posts. About a year ago I thought I was dying. I had heart palpitations, chest pain, chronic fatigue ect. I didnt go to the doctors to go get my adrenals checked but I figured that they were exhausted. Just keep taking your meds and eventually you'll level out. I'm not going to lie to you. I still get anxiety here and there but it's nothing at all like it used to be.

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gemgem92 in reply to Chris4810

Hey Hey, I will check out your posts now :). I was on Levo for about 4 years but went to ndt ( thyro-gold). I did start to level on ndt. Felt really good compared to Levo. I just don't think Levo agreed with me. However I am finding now that it seems to fluctuate how I feel and how intense the symptoms can be.

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Hi gem. We really need to see your blood results. 'In range' does not nessasarily mean that you are as well as you could or should be. Thyroid conditons are not well treated in the Uk and undertreatment is very common. Doctors, even endos have very little training in treating thyroid conditions. Your doctor should have taken your folate, ferritin, B12 and vitamin D, as well as your TSH, T4 and if you are very lucky your T3. Your symptoms certainly can be caused by hypothyroidism and suggest you are not getting the treatment you need. The adrenal glands can sometimes go into over drive producing adenaline to make up for what you lack in thyroid hormones. You are legally entitiled to bloodresults from GP surgery that you can scan in or type on another post.

As an as yet undiagnosed thyroid problem I nevertheless have a history of much of what you have listed. The panic attacks were awful, the anxiety almost became my other self and every night was the palpitation fest which also included internal shaking that when I first experienced it I thought was our washing machine spinning. I spent a lot of nights wet with sweat, no sleep or very little, heart racing then sometimes the shaking would start and my husband bless him would hold me tight to comfort me. I bought an earthing sheet for the bed, some weeks later I realised that sleep was better and symptoms were fewer and mostly I've enjoyed better sleep.

Alas now I find the disturbing dreams are back, the palpitations are back, the sweats are back and sleep is being disrupted. There are some triggers for me, alcohol with dinner, a couple of glasses is enough, maybe a sugar overload too. I'm climbing the weight gain ladder too. I'm hoping that my appointment with the thyroid specialist will arrive soon so that someone who recognises the problems can take a look and decide once and for all if I have a thyroid problem or whether something else is to blame.

At some surgeries you can sign up for their online services and access your test results and see various letters, worth finding out so that you don't have the humiliation of asking a noughty receptionist for your results and being told they can't possibly let you have them until you've been debriefed by MI 5.

No I haven't personally it could be tired adrenals, perhaps take ashwanga this is brilliant for many different things and create more white blood cells.

It maybe that you thyroid is struggling too.

By the way we require lots more information from you before you can received answers.

recent thyroid blood test results with the ranges plus vitamins and minerals also what medication you are on if any.

I made a bad decision and cut my thyroid dose in half once . I became severely hypothyroid I had nausea fatigue anxiety panic attacks and I did not start to feel better until I added back my medication it took several weeks to months to feel better. I still feel hypothyroid and fatigued very often but I never have panic attacks are anxiety thankfully anymore.

Thanks for the reply's. I'll post my bloods up tonight. Much appreciated :)

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