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My Progress with Levo; Preparing to my Appointment Tonight

Hello friends ...

Here is a summary of my treatment since I first diagnosed:


You might notice that TSH was way below range even though my FT4 and FT3 are normal and below mid-range. My doctor suggested to give my Levothyroxine trial and see if my symptoms disappear (wake up 4AM, slow heart rate, short breath, low energy and fatigue ..) .

My TSH kept fluctuating to go over range after started 50mcg of Levo! Then went below range again.

My dose reached 150 mcg now. I felt better every time I increase the dose but the improvement doesn't last long. Now, feel no effect of the 150mcg!

Tonight, I will go to see my doctor and do blood work after 4 weeks on 150mcg. I started low dose 4 months ago and now on 150mcg and still my symptoms exist almost like I'm not taking anything!

I will do B12 to see if there is any improvements.

I'm thinking to ask for rT3, iron and ferritin in addition to TSH T3 T4. What else should I consider?

I'm so tired and embarrassed here in my work! no body understands what I'm going through! I go to work sleeping 4 hours every day!

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Ali1101, I'm sorry you had no replies and I hope the doctor's appointment was helpful. Post your results with the ranges in a new question and members will advise.

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Thanks Clutter, will do now.


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