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Can I get 5mcg T3 tablets in the UK


am seeing private doc tomorrow and intend to ask for a( private) prescription for T3 in 5mcg tablets so I can add a little on a daily basis (as per Dr Blanchard).

Last year I had a T3 only trial from my endo, who prescribed privately NHS Liothyronine. I was unable to take it as it made me unwell (fillers, I suspect, were the cause).

Does anyone know, please:

IF I obtain private script for T3 x 5mcg, is there a pharmacy in the UK which will be able to dispense them

Can I request a different make to the NHS stuff

Thank you

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There is only one liothyronine tablet licensed in the UK - 20 microgram MercuryPharma.

Other makes and doses of tablet can be obtained by pretty much any pharmacy in the UK. However, they will need a prescription and the cost may be high.

It is also possible to get specially made capsules in 5 micrograms (and other possibilities). Again, very expensive.

You might do as well to get the prescription anyway (it does sort-of legitimise your taking it) and purchase from abroad - quite possibly not needing a prescription.

For example: 100 * 5 mcg Perrigo = £68.44 (plus postage, and VAT and customs clearance charge). Still much less than the cost of just 28 * 20 microgram MercuryPharma - and anything else in the UK will be similarly expensive.


Thanks so much. It's very helpful to be informed ready for appt

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