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Goosebumps and tingling on legs?

Bizarre symptom - I know - but does anyone experience a strange tingling sensation in their upper leg accompanied by 'goosebumps'? I've had this for a couple of months now, particularly on my left thigh. It starts like a tightening of the skin and a strange,shivery feeling on my skin and you can literally see and feel tiny goosebumps rising up all over one side. It goes away after a minute or so. Very odd. Been happening more and more and I wondered if it was linked to thyroid issues? I'm currently being reassessed as been told I'm over medicated with tsh of 0.01.

Thank you x

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I've got this too but wasn't sure wether to put it on here as it sounds so strange, so I was really pleased to read your post. Thank you for beng so brave! We have so many strange things happen to our body with this disease.

This started about three weeks ago with me. It's a very strange tingling on my left thigh that only occurs only when I am lying on my right side in bed. It is also accompanied with a strange numbness of my left cheek, just on the cheek bone.

The thigh tingling only seems to happen at night but the face numbness is off an on day and night.

I'm on 125mcg of levo. I've got hashis and don't feel optimally medicated despite being told I'm on the right dose. I've still got lots of symptoms.

My endo is doing tests for coeliac, adrenals etc.

V x

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Ask for your B12 levels to be tested. Odd creeping sensations on the skin, burning, tingling, can be signs of low B12. MariLiz

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