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Mystery patches on legs


Hi all,

I have no idea if this is even related but the timing is uncanny if not.... I have in the past four or so months developed some mystery red/purple patches on my legs. Mainly lower/calves and one patch that looks a bit like ringworm on my knee. They're a little rough but not scaly and disappear when I press them (but then come back). My GP diagnosed psoriasis and prescribed betnovate which didn't work at all - in fact ended up burning. I also tried diprosalic and elocon which friends had. Again, no effect, apart from bleaching the skin around the patches.

My friend thought ringworm so I then tried various fungal creams - still the same...

Any ideas anyone? I'm at a loss! Thank you :)

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There was a post on here earlier with something sounding similar with pics but can't remember what it's called so have a look back?

Picture might be helpful.

59 pictures of rashes for you to look at - perhaps one will look familiar :

I posted recently with a pic. There is no itching or soreness at all with mine and they are mainly on the shins not calves. I didn't get a really clear answer as to what it is but there are some other links in the thread that might help though.

Can't really see in pic as a little dark but looks a little lumpy, is that the case?

Should really be referred to someone who can tell for sure tbh

Could it be Pretibial Myxedena this is a raised red rash than can appear in shins in some people with Graves' disease? I have Graves and occasionally get intensely itchy shins that I can scratch til it bleeds but do not have the rash. I treat the itching with hydrocortisone cream which usually helps. Don't think you're supposed to use hydrocortisone for more than a few days tho as it can thin the skin so prob best to speak again with your GP.

Hi, I suffered with the same thing for years, only on legs but it completely disappeared when I changed over to NDT.

Thanks all - went to a dermatologist who has referred me for a biopsy as he didn't know what it was :/ I have a suspicion that I might be allergic to magnesium stearate/stearic acid as I'm sure it can't be coincidental that it came on after I started taking Levo. The issue I have is that I think the levo is generally working well for me, I have more energy, have lost a bit of weight etc. But I really want to get rid of this rash. Is there a product out there that neutralises the effects of the stearate? I don't know what else to do as I'm on levo for life now I guess.... Argh!

Thank you all.

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